Singapore Sweets

Feeling annoyed. 

I woke up before my alarm went off when the Dutch girls in the dorm returned from their night out. It was 3am and they turned the lights on. This helped me as it meant I just got up and got ready, but the German girl was huffing and puffing as I would have been if I wasn’t getting a flight. 

I was ready, said my goodbyes and went out to reception. I was a bit early so put my bag down and went to find the security guard to give me my deposit back. 

He asked when my taxi was coming and I said 3.30am. By 3.45am I asked him if he could call the taxi company as it was late. 

Thank goodness he did! The receptionist had booked it for 6.30am! They sent one out straight away but the security guard was t sure how long it would take. He kindly offered to take me on his motorbike which sounded a bit risky with my bag as well! Luckily when he called the taxi back it was only a few minutes away so I waited for the car!

The taxi was only 60,000irp even at that time of the morning. 

I went through check in and security easily. I was sat ready at the gate by 5am, a whole 2 hours before take off!

I sat there for a bit but it was freezing! I was glad to have grabbed my fleece from my main bag just at the last minute otherwise I’d have been a snowman!

I dropped a text to the 2 people I know in Singapore and James responded almost immediately with an offer to stay at his. I explained I had booked a hostel but when I told him where it was he said it was in the middle of nowhere!

I said it was fine, I was happy to walk or get the metro into the centre as I’m only there for 2 nights. 

In the end he persuaded me to cancel the hostel, loosing the first night cost, but actually saving money by staying with him and not having to pay for transport. 

Once I had cancelled it, he explained that he no longer lived in his apartment but that he lived in a room for the time being as he was between properties. Therefore I would have to share the bed with him. Great, as long he doesn’t try anything!

He gave me the address and told me to get the train once I arrive at the airport. 

At 6am Kurt text me wishing me a good flight. I replied offering luck for his appointment and that he has a good breakfast once he can eat. 

I had a few conversations with people from home too, which was strange as they hadn’t yet gone to bed!

The flight was fine, although I was sat next to a man that had a really strange smell and I had to keep smelling my hair to breathe. 

I fell asleep but woke up with a start when I somehow scratched my leg with my anklets. No sure what I did but it hurt!

Near to the end of the flight, which was only 2 hours, the hostesses started having a photo shoot at the front with some young lads. No idea if they were famous. It they took so many photos!

I was watching with a bemused look on my fave and then caught the eye of a guy the other side of the aisle. We both laughed and shrugged, both as confised as the other!

Once landed I had no issues getting through immigration or customs and after a little wait my bag arrived. 

I messaged James to say I had landed and then asked which train I was meant to be getting. It was a metro system so lots of different lines!

He called me to explain but then said I should probably get a taxi as it would be easier than changing on the train and having my bag. 

I found the taxi tank and jumped in one without any wait. It took 20 minutes and I was there. I had been told Singapore was the cleanest city in the world but on first impression it didn’t look all that different. 

The roads were packed with cars and buses, there were lots of high rise buildings but also lots of normal little shops along streets. It wasn’t the wow factor I had been expecting. Plus it was pouring with rain and ridiculously humid!

The taxi dropped me off at the end of the road to avoid going all the way round the one way system. 

I found the place which was a grotty set of rooms above an Internet cafe. I went up 3 flights of stairs and found his door. I knocked and he opens it straight away. 

He gave me a hug and kissed my cheek, saying he hadn’t been able to sleep as he was so excited. I thought this was weird as I had only told him I was coming at 5.30am!

He admitted that he had been up all night playing poker, and I remembered that was what he did as a living. 

The room is just big enough for a double bed and a desk with an ensuite shower room. It has no window but there is aircon. There’s nothing wrong with the but it’s just basic. 

I sat on the edge of the bed and he got under his blanket, yawning and saying he couldn’t keep his eyes open. 

I told him I was hungry and that I wanted to go out and get some breakfast. He looked at me as if I was crazy. 

He snuggled back down into bed and I got up to go out alone if I had to. He said he would come too and eventually got up and put his shoes on. 

We crossed the road and sat down at a little street cafe. We had chicken curry and roti, eating with our hands. We were in Little India. 

Over lunch he was talking about our time in Goa, but I think he has me mixed up with someone else as he started talking about cannabis and that definitely wasn’t me. 

He said that once he had sorted his flat out he was going to Africa to do a tour. I started to tell him about Rob and his malaria when he interrupted and had to beat my story with one of his own. At that moment I remembered why he grated on me so much in Goa. He lies. A lot. 

We walked back to the room and I said what should we do. He said that he thought we should rest until 5pm and then go out. What?! It had only just gone midday, I wasn’t spending the day resting!

He didn’t seem to understand and thought an afternoon of doing nothing was a good idea. I remembered again that in Goa all he did was sit in his bed and watch films. 

I explained I had just this afternoon and tomorrow to spend in Singapore so I certainly was not spending it resting. I don’t know if he thought we would end up having sex but that is definetly not happening. I don’t find him attractive in the slightest. 

I decided I would go to the botanical gardens and he could stay in bed if he wanted. 

I managed to find the metro station and get a ticket, get on one and then change to another and arrived at the gardens with no trouble at all. 

Apart from a slight blister from new  flipflops, I had a lovely walk round. It’s very quiet and I hardly came across many people at all. 

I started to take photos and then ended up taking so many I’m not sure what to do with them! 

The orchid garden was very pretty, full of colours and shapes. It just felt very tranquil after the flight and I was glad I had escaped. 

On my way back to the metro station I stopped at a cafe called the Bees Knees and had a delicious homemade pink lemonade and lemon cake. 

It was so nice to just relax and chill in the gardens. The sun came out and it was hot, but slightly less humid and the rain had stopped. 

I slowly made my back to the station and then without any dramas I got back to the room on the 2 different trains. 

When I knocked on the door, now 5pm, there was no answer. I waited and then knocked again and he eventually opened the door. He was in the dark and had obviously been awoken by the knocking. 

I asked if could turn the light on but he said no so I opened the bathroom door instead where the light was already on so we weren’t in the dark. 

After a couple of minutes he got up and as he went out the door he said I’ll be back in a minute. 

That was 40 minutes ago so who knows where he has gone. I’m starting to regret agreeing to stay here. He’s weird and I had forgotten how annoying I find him. 

He has said that tomorrow we will go round the city and then to marina bay sands in the evening. However, I am not spending loads of money, I can do without alcohol for 2 nights at Singapore prices!

Hopefully this evening we will do something fun! And I don’t mean in his bed!

Sazzle will boot him one if he tries anything!


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