Too much beer

Feeling regret. 

My taxi for Lovina was 30 minutes early! First time anything has been early over here! I was sharing it with a German couple who were heading further north. 

We chatted a little bit I wasn’t feeling very chatty, I just wanted to be in my own world and figure out what I was feeling. 

After the chat had petered out for a bit I put in my headphones and tried to fall asleep. 

I woke with a start when the driver asked if this was the right place. It was a busy street but I had no idea! He knew the name of my hostel and so I had hoped he would know where it was. He drove slowly along the road and then we both saw the sign for Funky Hostel. 

He pulled over and I jumped out, getting my bag from the boot. 

I entered the hostel and was invited to sit down, I was given an iced tea as a welcome drink, a bracelet to give me luck and then a foot bath and massage! It was lovely!! 

The hostel was fun, there was an outdoor area with lots of knickknacks amoungst the tables and then a restaurant area with a bar. There was spa at the back and then the rooms were further along. 

After showing me all the different spa packages and local attractions and tours, I ended up booking a coconut spa package for the afternoon, a buffet dinner for the evening and a dolphin boat tour for this morning. 

The very friendly girl then said she would show me to my bed before the spa treatment. 

We walked along small huts, and then up into a treehouse. There was a selection of beanbags and small tables in the middle, with brown curtains around the edges. Behind each curtain was a mattress on the floor, covered with a mosquito net. The treehouse had 2 bamboo walls but the other 2 sides were open to the elements. 

I was surprised but it looked nice, and I chose a bed that had a mosquito net without a rip in it and in the corner of the room. 

I dumped my bag, put on my bikini and made my way back to the spa area. 

The therapist was in a panic as the coconut needed to be prepared and would take about 15 minutes. I told her not to worry, I was happy just sitting with a cup of tea.

Once she was ready, she directed me to a bamboo bed that was off the ground and surrounded by a curtain. She gave me the funny disposable knickers and told me to lie face down when ready. 

It was slightly uncomfortable as it was just a mattress on this bamboo platform with a pillow for your head. There was no hole for your face so I had to lie with my head to one side. 

It was a lovely massage with coconut oil, followed by a body scrub which I suddenly panicked if it would take off my tan but it was fine! I then had a coconut cream facial. I was lovely and relaxed, and sorry when I came to an end. 

She gave me a bucket of warm water with lots of petals and herbs in it, to wash with before having a shower. 

My skin was so soft and smooth! I couldn’t stop running my hand down my arm or up my leg! 

I realised I was hungry, with it being gone 3pm breakfast was a good few hours ago. 

I sat inside, ordered a bacon omelette, a carrot smoothie and an iced tea. 

There was a couple of Dutch girls on one table, and a lad from London on another. They began talking and then joined together.

Kurt had text a couple of hours ago, saying that it had been great to meet, thanks for all the fun and see me again sometime. 

I felt it was a bit of a rubbish message. That maybe he didn’t know if I would respond or if I was just going to forget him now he had gone. He had said he wasn’t into texting much but surely he could have done better than that? It was as if he didn’t believe that I would see him again soon. 

I replied thanking him for everything, that I would see him in Aus soon and that it was strange but I almost missed being tickled. 

He just replied with ha! And that was it. 

Had I imagined that he actually liked me? Was it just a holiday fling for him and he actually had no intention of seeing me again? Why had I gone in with feelings? Of course this wasn’t a thing, he was just glad of the sex whilst on holiday. He was on Gili T now so will probably have a new girl in a few hours. 

The Dutch girls left their table for a nap and the London guy also got up. He approached my table and asked if he could sit down, to which I agreed. 

Jack was on a long holiday, solo, and loved chatting. We swapped travel storries for a good couple of hours before getting a beer and carrying on. He found my stories hilarious and said I should write a book. 

He booked onto the dolphin trip for the morning as well, I was glad I had met someone who was fun to go on it with. 

At 6.30pm we went to get changed ready for the buffet dinner we were both signed up for at the hostel. 

We had more beers, sangria with dinner and then more beers. We joined some other people, including another 2 Dutch girls and the owner of the hostel. He was a strange chap!

About 11pm we decided to have one more and then head to bed as we had to be ready to go at 7am for the dolphins. 

However, we were then asked to play beer pong with a Scottish guy and a German, Arthur. It was the worlds longestt beer pong game due to it being the longest table! We were all really struggling but finally the game finished, with Jack and I loosing. 

Arthur spotted a crab on the pavement outside and so we went to have a look at it. It was about the size of a mans fist just walking down the street! We found it hilarious and decided to have another beer to celebrate!

Jack and I headed off about 1am. We were both drunk and couldn’t stop laughing. He was freaked out as he had killed a cockroach earlier and then it had disappeared. He was scared a snake had come in and had it for dinner. 

We got to his room, which was a 3 bed dorm in one of the little huts on the way to mine. He asked me to wait in case there was a snake. I laughed saying I couldn’t help if there was but waited on the doorstep for him to check. 

Once he had made sure the room was clear, he came back to me and thanked me for being his hero. I laughed saying I hadn’t done anything. He pulled me into a hug and then as he let go, his lips brushed my cheek and then he kissed me on the lips. 

I was a bit taken aback, but he kissed me again and shut the door behind me. 

We had quick drunken sex that didn’t mean anything to either of us. We passed out and the next thing I knew, his alarm was going off. My first thought was Kurt, but it wasn’t him lying next to me. There were no strong arms holding me, no kiss good morning on my head. 

I sat up, covering myself with a sheet and put my dress back on. My head hurt, I felt horrible and I regretted last night. A lot. 

I crept out of the room and got into the shower at the treehouse. 

I felt like crying. I had done this before. When I had first met him, I was a happy single and I didn’t want to feel anything. To prove a point I had got drunk and slept with someone else. But the only point it had proved was that I really liked him. 

And now this had proven to me that I like Kurt. I was hurt by his dismissive text that could have been sent to anyone he had met on holiday. 

I feel such an idiot. Why go and get feelings involved with someone I’ve met for less than a week. But then I knew after the first night, this was different to the other travel relations I had had. The affection between sex, instead of being very separate with the sex and being normal, there were kisses throughout the day, little touches and cheeky smiles. 

I had thought he was an Australian version of him. Told my friends that he was but although they are similar in that they are funny and handsome, the main points which I had focused on such as the way they both kissed my nose, tickled me, let me sleep in their arms, they were because of me. I was letting those things happen because I wanted them. 

But now Kurt was gone and it hurt. Obviously no where near as much as when he had gone. But I feel we could have had something special, but maybe I had read him wrong. 

I really thought Sazzle was there. And maybe she was, I just need to keep coaxing her. 


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