Dolphin Fun

Feeling shattered. 

I got dressed into a bikini and dress, knocking for Jack on my back passed. 

We didn’t mention the sex, just both complained of being tired and having a headache. This was back to normal traveller relations, no affection, no mention of sex unless it was about to happen. 

I felt so guilty. Kurt had messaged me in the night to say I was a very nice person with a very big heart. I’m guessing he was drunk but at least he was thinking of me. It just made me feel worse about last night. 

I text him back this morning to say that he is a lovely person and in case he hadn’t noticed I really liked him. 

There, I had told him. I had nothing to loose and just wanted him to know. I didn’t want him to just dismiss me and think of me fondly in a few months. 

I had to leave for the dolphin trip so I had to wait to get any answer. It was playing on my mind slightly, what would he say?

Jack and I were joined by the 2 Dutch girls from lunch yesterday, Noah and Jsosi, as well as a German couple. 

We drove from the hostel to the harbour where we were given a cup of tea and told that we were waiting for the first of the sunrise boats to return so that we knew once we had got out there, the majority of boats would be gone. 

After about 30 minutes, we were shown to a boat. The German couple were to go on their own boat and then the 4 of us singletons got into another. It was a narrow boat with just enough room for one person to sit on each row. On each side, there was a plastic pole on the water to stabilise the boat. 

We went out to the deep water, there was hardly any waves and the boat was calm. 

Part of the trip was canoeing, but rather than it being a canoe in the sea with a paddle, the canoe was tied to the back of the boat and then it was pulled along. 

As soon as I saw it I started to panic. When I was little I had an incident where I fell off the back of a banana boat in Devon and that had been the trigger to my shark phobia. I had been doing so well with the phobia that I knew I couldn’t do this. I couldn’t put myself back into the position where I could be left in the middle of the ocean by myself. And this time, an ocean that does actually have sharks!

Jack was first and had a great time, even managing to stand up on the flat canoe without falling over. 

The other 2 girls had a go as well, again neither falling off once on it. I thought maybe I would be ok, maybe I wouldn’t fall off but then the thought of seeing the boat drive off made me feel ill and I knew I just had to accept this was a step too far.

Eric the boat driver asked if I was ready and I just shook my head. He didn’t push it just said ok we would head to the dolphins. 

There were about 20 other boats on the water and they were in a group which we joined. The dolphin pod would come to the surface and all the boats would zoom towards them trying to get there first so that the passengers could get a clear photo. 

The dolphins would just pop up, about 10 to 15 fins together, swim along at the surface for a few seconds and then dive back down. A few seconds later they would pop up  a few 100 metres away and then disappear again.

It was amazing to see the dolphins but I did feel a bit sorry for them. They have this chase everyday and I wondered why they wouldn’t just avoid this area. 

The boat had 2 hammocks on the front and I got into one once the Dutch girls had got out. It was a bit uncomfortable as the hammock ropes dug into my skin but it was a amazing being at the front of the boat, skimming the water as we went. Whilst I was in the hammock the dolphins appeared really close to me. I was a bit worried about being so close in case they attacked but it was fine!

We drove away from the other boats and all dived into the water. It was surprisingly warm even though we were out in such deep water. We stayed close to the boat but just enjoyed swimming and floating around. 

We all got on well and had a good laugh all day. It was a good boat of people!

Once we got back to shore Wric gave us deep fried banana for breakfast and a cup of tea. After all the swimming we were so hungry and they were delicious. 

It had gone 10am but Jack and I were doing a tour at 10am so we said we needed to get back. They didn’t have a car so we were put on motorbikes and shuttles back one by one. 

Back at the hostel, my phone beeped and Kurt had replied…he had noticed and he likes me too! Yay!

I felt like a teenager with butterflies and couldn’t stop smiling. I have replied asking when I should come to Australia! I feel like I want to go tomorrow!

Is this the old Sazzle or a new version coming out?


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