Migraine, Massage and Motorbikes

Feeling happy (but sad). 

I woke up gone 11am and my migraine had gone. Thank goodness. I felt achey and I needed sugar but at least the pain and nausea had gone. 

I got up and into a bikini, ordered a coke and a water and settled onto a sunbed. 

The coke gave me the sugar and energy that I needed and I felt so much better. 

Mick, the dad, came over and said he was going to go for a ride on his bike and a little explore before the boys got back. I said I would probably still be on this sunbed when he returned. 

I was having a lovely morning, feeling happy and satisfied! I know I just need to enjoy this for what it is, a fling in the sun. It can be nothing more and I have known that from the start.

I don’t know why my head has got all confused trying to make it into something it can’t be. I don’t even know if I would want it to be anything if half the world wasn’t in between us. But there is no point dwelling. 

I realised I need to figure out where I am going next. I had a google and I’ve decided on Lovina. It’s the most northern point of Bali and there are beaches and dolphins so it sounds lovely. 

I walked along the beach a bit and got a price for a shuttle bus. I wasn’t sure if I should leave Monday or Tuesday. Monday is Mick’s birthday so I certainly don’t want to gatecrash that. But I could go to dinner elsewhere and have an extra night with Kurt. 

I walked up onto the road and got prices from a few people for a shuttle or a private car. The shuttle takes 5 hours and is 200,000irp and a private car would be 2 hours with them stopping on the way for me to see a temple and waterfall for 400,000irp. I think I’ll go with the private car. 

I came back to the sunbed and was just relaxing when I felt a trickle of water down my back. I quickly turned to scowl at him. I tried to look angry but just ended up laughing with him. 

We ordered lunch and jumped into the pool. 

He was so excited, the dive had been his best yet and he was in full flow of describing all the fish and other things that they had seen.

Lunch was ready and as we sat down, Mick returned. He had already had lunch at a place he had found on his travels and had a massage. 

We all decided a massage sounded like a good idea and so after lunch we got changed into dry stuff. I went on the back of Kurt’s bike, holding him gently on his hips. 

The Balinese massage was good, quite gentle but I almost fell asleep so very relaxing. 

We all finished at about the same time and joined Mick for a drink. I had an iced tea which was so sweet but delicious. 

Kurt and Dean had some food as a snack before the dive and Mick was excited about a place he had found on his morning explore and was going there for dinner.

We headed back to the hotel, Kurt was not happy with the massage and kept hinting for me to give him a massage. 

We had a swim in the pool and sunbathed for a bit before Kurt and Dean left for their dive. They would be back about 8pm. 

Mick turned to me and said that he had found this nice place for dinner if I would like to join him. I agreed and we arranged to leave at 6.30pm. 

I had a little longer on the sunbed and then at 6pm I went and had a lovely hot shower, washed my hair and got ready. It would be the first time Kurt would see me out of a bikini and I wanted to look nice. 

I put on my pink elephant playsuit, plaited my hair across the top and put on a tiny bit of mascara. 

At 6.30pm I met Mick outside and we headed to the car park. I felt a bit awkward about going on the back of a bike with him, it’s quite close contact!

He handed me the helmet and started to push the bike out when a lady pointed to the back wheel and said flat. 

The tyre was flat so the bike was a no go. Max was just going out on his bike and told Mick to speak to the girl on reception who will help. 

Since that first day Max hasn’t spoken to me! Whoops. 

Anyway, the girl gave us the keys to another bike and so off we went. He took it slowly and I was very grateful as it was dark and a little scary!

We saw a snake cross the road, with locals shrieking! We stopped to make sure we didn’t hit it as that could have sent us flying!

We arrived at the restaurant and it was quite fancy for Bali. Mick had booked a table for two, which I though was nice that he didn’t just invite me as an after thought. 

I didn’t have much money on me as there are no cash machines nearby so I made sure I chose something cheap and that I could cover it. 

We had a beer each and surprisingly chatted away easily about all sorts of things. There was a live band from Czech Republic so any silences were filled with them. 

I asked if he was into diving like boys as I had noticed he knew all the terminology and things but wasn’t going with them. He said that he used to dive a lot but a few years ago he was very ill and the treatment could have caused problems with his breathing. He had wanted to try a shallow dive here with the boys but hadn’t wanted to spoil there fun at going deeper and so hadn’t mentioned it. He said that he had hoped they would ask him but they hadn’t. 

I felt so sad for him and made a mental note to mention it to Kurt later. 

At 8pm Dean and Kurt joined us, hungry and tired but buzzing from the dive. The restaurant was so busy they struggled to find a 4th chair. Dean was sat on a beanbag for a while!

After dinner we rode back to the hotel, I was back on Kurt’s bike. We arrived back at the hotel first and as we were waiting by the pool he grabbed me and kissed me. 

We all sat down on the beach front and looked at their new footage from the dive. The night dive is obviously dark except for where they shine a torch so there is less to see but different creatures than in the light. 

We all disappeared off to bed shortly after, although Kurt and I didn’t sleep for a good few hours! When we did, it was with the same cuddling contact as the other nights.

This morning we woke up early even though there was no alarm. We were still entwined together when we woke and it was a while before we got up for breakfast. 

Is this Sazzle coming out, hopeless with feelings?


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