Comedy and more cuddles

Feeling confused.  

I fell back to sleep until 9.30am and knew I had to get up to go back to the hostel to get all my stuff packed and move it over here. There seemed no point in extending my stay at the hostel, as I knew I would be here with Kurt tonight. 

I got up and changed, leaving my bikini there as there was little point in taking it to then bring it back again.

I peaked out of the curtain and saw his dad sat on the sun bed right outside the door. There would be no avoiding him and no way to make it look like I was coming from anywhere else except his son’s room. Awkward!

I hovered inside, hearing he was on the phone. I hoped that once he finished his call, he would move. 

Nope, he put his phone down and then settled even more into his sun bed. 

I spent 20 minutes building up the courage to go out! Stupid I know but I felt embarrassed! 

At last I just went for it. I slid the door open and put on my flip flops. Just as I stepped down the 2 steps to the pool level, a waiter came over to speak to the dad. They both looked at me, a slight look of surprise on both of their faces at seeing me. 

I said morning in a bright and breezy voice, and they both said it back. His dad then asked if I had slept well! Oh what a question to ask a girl you have just found leaving your son’s bedroom! But I politely said yes, and then commented on the weather! 

He asked what I had planned for the day, and I just said more sunbathing, and then awkwardly said I would see him later. 

Back at the hostel, I packed and had a shower. Dressed in a fresh bikini and dress, I checked out and made my way back to his room. It was only a 5 minute walk. I hoped his dad had gone but when I got there he was still sat in the same chair and smiled as I passed him. 

On my way back out I said that I owed him money for my dinner last night but he said not to worry. I said that was very kind and thanked him. 

I sat in the shade for breakfast, more banana pancakes and watermelon nice. Then moved to a sunbed half in shade but with some sunshine. 

Reading my book, my mind couldn’t help but keep wandering back to the previous night. It made me blush just remembering, but what I couldn’t stop thinking about was the way we were in between. Keeping constant contact by stroking an arm or holding a hand, kissing a cheek. It was so different but I liked it.

We also chatted, just about random things but we were just so relaxed together and laughing.

Kurt and Dean returned from diving about 2pm. There was no kiss in front of the family, but he flashed me a cheeky grin and winked. 

They ordered food and then jumped in the pool to wash off the salt water. He came to the edge and starting to tell me about the exciting fish he saw, and how big they were. 

When the food arrived, I was just going to stay on my sun lounger, I don’t want to intrude on their family holiday but Kurt ordered me a beer and beckoned me over. 

The whole family are really lovely, funny and make lots of jokes. Although it should feel awkward as they know we are obviously just having a fling, it strangely doesn’t. 

However, whilst we were siting at the table the friendly waiter came over, slapped Kurt on the shoulder and said lucky man! Kurt just laughed and then the waiter asked about his dive and when Kurt said it was good, he replied good day, better night. It was embarrassing and I knew I had gone bright red. 

After lunch, Kurt said he was going for a nap and smiled at me, indicating I was going for a nap too. 

As soon as we got into the room he kissed me, as if he had been waiting all of lunch to do so. 

We lay on the bed and he showed me the new footage from his dive, a few photos but mainly little clips of video. 

He put his arm out and pulled me to him, back into the comfortable sleeping position. We lay there for a bit, just resting, his arm stroking my side.

After about an hour his alarm went off, he had set it in case we fell asleep. He poked his hand into my side which made me squeal. He laughed and continued to tickle me, until he pinned me down and kissed me, and then kept kissing me. And more. 

Once we had finished, lying on the bed facing each other, he looked into my eyes and smiled, and then sighed. 

We got up, showered and then joined his brother for a beer before dinner. 

I was unsure if I was welcome for dinner again, but the dad had reserved a table for 4 so I guess I was from him, and as they got up Kurt said to me you’re joining us yes? so I of course joined them. 

I had fried noodles for dinner and they were very tasty, a surprise for the place we were in. 

After dinner we sat on the sun loungers for a bit but we were all quite tired. I could feel a migraine nagging behind my eye. 

We showered and got into bed, Kurt was excited to show me a comedian from Australia. He turned his iPad on and it was Jim Jefferies.

Shit. I realised I seem to have found an Australian version of him. The things they do are the same, like kissing my nose, stroking my hair, tickling me, liking Jim Jefferies. Or am I just noticing these things because they are specific but actually they are different?

I remember the first couple of weeks when we started seeing each other 2years ago, the teasing and tickling, the chatting and laughing, all the sex. Pretending it was just casual but actually really liking each other too. Was this the same?

But it couldn’t be the same, we live the opposite sides of the world to each other. I knew when Kurt took me by the hand this was just a fling, not even that I suppose. 

We watched some Jim Jefferies and were giggling away. Kurt started to close his eyes, still listening. I wanted to do the same, my migraine seemed to be coming through and I wanted to sleep. Or have sex as that sometimes helps!

Kurt turned it off, put my arm around him and snuggled into me, our legs tangled together. He looked up at me and said in a quiet voice that he had a headache. It was very cute. I kissed him on the lips and then on the forehead where he then nussled into me and signed again. 

He fell asleep like that, cute and cuddly. What was wrong with me? I don’t do cuddles! 

I drifted off to sleep too, until I was awoken by him kissing me in the middle of the night. His headache seemed to have gone and he made up for just falling asleep. A lot. 

We fell back to sleep with me in his arms. It felt way too soon when his alarm went off.

He slid out of bed, creeping into the bathroom. I had a full on migraine and knew I needed to get my tablets. They were in my bag at the bottom, so I had to empty it all out until I found them. Quickly taking 2 and then repacking everything.

I lay back in bed and Kurt came out looking gorgeous just wrapped in a towel. He smiled at me and gave me a kiss. 

Once ready he said he shouldn’t be back as late today as he was only doing one dive before a night dive later on. 

He gave me a lingering kiss and left. I turned over and went back to sleep, the tablets kicking in and making me drowsy. 

I don’t know what’s going on and I don’t think I like it. But I think I like him. 

Come on Sazzle, you need to be sensible. 


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