Fun and Cuddles

Feeling good. 

Well, what a difference a day makes!

I woke up after a good night sleep and stayed in bed until about 11am. I was worried it was going to be cloudy again but the sun was blazing. 

I made my way to the beach in my bikini, shorts and tshirt. Halfway there I realised I hadn’t brought my sarong or a towel of any kind but decided I would just dry in the sun. I couldn’t be bothered to go back past all the taxi men again. 

The beach looked so much nicer than before. The sea was a deep blue but twinkling with the sunshine. The black sand, instead of looking dark and glum, was sparkling with little shells that caught the light. 

I walked along the beach for a bit, and then spotted a nice looking resort right on the beach. They had a restaurant and then a little pool and sun loungers. 

I sat at a table and ordered banana pancakes and a watermelon juice. I was sat in the sun and it was rather hot!

The pancakes were amazing, they had hot condensed milk on top! 

I paid and as I made to leave the waiter asked where I was staying. When I said Pacha Hostel he said that I could use the sunbeds and pool for the day. Bonus!

I chose a sunbed that was in direct sun, wanting to top up my tan for a bit. 

I settled down with my book, a crime mystery, and totally chilled out. This is exactly what I needed. 

The owner, an attractive Italian guy, came up to me and asked about Pacha Hostel. He introduced himself as Max. We had a flirty conversation and then he said that he was going to the bar at the hostel that evening, as they have live music on. I said that I would probably be there as well, as there would be no way to sleep with that going on! He said that he hoped so and walked away.

I went for a swim, the water much more inviting and less scary than before. I was having fun floating and bobbing around. 

When I went to get out I realised I had drifted quite far down. As I was stumbling out, the waves were quite strong and tried to pull me back, along wth the pebbles and shells underfoot. Max came over with my flip flops, and said I would burn my feet otherwise! How sweet!

I settled back on my sun lounger after sitting on the bench for a bit to dry out. Lying on my front, reading. 

After an hour or so, he came back and crouched down next to me, saying my back was going a bit pink. I had suncream on from the morning, but I thanked him and said I would top up the cream.

He turned away and then as I got my suncream out, took it from my hand and asked, may I?

It was a bit strange, but he rubbed the suncream into my back, giving a slight massage when he got to my shoulders. 

I thanked him and he winked, saying anytime. I blushed and thought maybe I would be having a fun night after the live music!

I was pretty hot and didn’t want to burn so moved to a sunbed that was totally in the shade for a bit. Easier to read here, but I could see Max keep glancing at me, which made me feel a bit weird. 

I text B to say it looked like my luck was in! Maybe I would get banana pancakes in the morning!

As the sun moved round, I finished my book and decided to move to another sunbed that was still in the shade. It was about 3pm now so the sun was not as hot but I was getting a slight headache from squinting.

I moved onto the front, facing the sea. There were less people after a group of Germans had left and I noticed an older man and what I assumed was his son on a sunbed one down from me. 

The son was gorgeous, tanned with fair hair and nice shoulders. He smiled at me and I smiled back, our eye contact lingering slightly longer than usual. 

I turned back to my kindle, starting the next book in the series. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see the son keep glancing at me. Interesting!

I fell into a light sleep, waking with a clearer head. The sky was beautiful with so many different oranges as the sun had began to set. 

I stood up to take a photo, only going to the edge of the resort floor rather than going onto the beach. 

To the left, the volcano was hiding the sun, but the glowing sky around it looked amazing. 

I sat back down, smiling at the son again as I did. 

After a couple of minutes I decided to go onto the beach so I could get a better picture of the volcano. 

I put my flip flops on and walked along to the steps, passed the son who watched me as I went. 

I could feel him still watching me as I walked to the edge of the water and took photos. I felt self conscious just stood in my bikini, so I only took a few and then walked back up. 

As I approached the steps, I looked up and caught his eye again. I smiled, feeling myself slightly blushing. He had such a handsome smile!

I sat back down, just perched on the edge of the sunbed, watching the last of the sunlight for the day. 

The father and son were joined by another guy who I guessed was a younger son, and Max. Max was bragging about the lasagne he had made fresh today, which sounded very tempting. The hot son stood up and lit a cigarette, moving away from his dad and in my direction. 

Max pointed to me and asked if I was staying for dinner, which made all the family look at me. I shrugged and said maybe. 

Max went back to the kitchen, and the dad went up to his room to get ready for dinner.

Having finished his cigarette, the hot son asked where I was from. 

He introduced himself as Kurt, I was right, he was with his brother Dean and his Dad. They were on a family holiday from Australia. 

We were chatting about travelling and where we had both been. Dean didn’t really speak much at all, he seems very shy. 

Kurt is into diving and had been excited by the fish he had seen today. He was very sweet and lit up when describing the different fish he had seen. 

He got us a beer each and sat on the sunbed next to mine. He asked about my travels, and if I was alone. I explained B had recently been to see me but that I was solo. 

We finished our beers and the dad came out ready for dinner. Kurt introduced us, and then invited me to join them for dinner. 

It felt a bit strange to accept, but otherwise I would be sitting at a table near them and it would look even stranger and rude that I had turned down his invitation. 

We sat down and the Dad said I would have to repeat everything I had just said about my travels as he had missed it. 

We had a fun dinner, they have good sense of humours and were interested in my plans, Kurt asking when I would be coming to see him in Australia.

We had cold red wine with dinner which I had never tried but actually really liked, and I had a plate of pasta with Napoli sauce. They all ordered 2 mains as the portions were small, however it seems their complaints of the size had got back to the kitchen and they were given huge portions!

After dinner we moved back to the sunbeds, looking out to the black ocean with only a few fishing boats with their lights on in the distance. 

Kurt disappeared into his room and came back out in his swimming shorts and with his snorkel in hand. He asked if I wanted a swim to look at the sparkling coral. 

I was a bit scared of the black water but nodded and took off my shorts and tshirt. 

We walked down to the water and made our way in. The water was still warm. He asked about the sea in England and I laughed saying it was freezing even in the summer. 

He gave me the snorkel and mask and told me to put my head under and swish my arms around. 

I did, and the black water became alight with tiny flecks of gold. It was beautiful and looked like a night sky underwater. 

We carried on chatting, about my time in Sri Lanka which he was interested in. We were getting closer and our legs or arms would occasionally brush each other’s. He kept making eye contact and I wanted him to kiss me.

We must have been in the water at least half an hour and my fingers were starting to go wrinkly. 

We agreed to get out and have a beer. As we were stumbling out, he held my hand to help me. Once out of the water he let go, and walked slightly ahead of me. About 5 metres from the steps, he reached out and held my hand again, only for a second or two, and then let go laughing saying sorry. I laughed and said don’t be. 

We sat back with his family, I had no towel so Kurt gave me his to use. I sat in my bikini as I didn’t want to put my clothes on and get them wet. 

Once we had settled, Dean then got up and went into the water. I felt a little bad that he hadn’t joined us, but then again I was pleased to have just been with Kurt. 

Dean was only in the water a few minutes and then came back and headed off to bed. The dad soon followed. 

Kurt and I carried on chatting, drinking beer. He then looked me in the eye and said smiling, so are you staying here tonight? I wasn’t sure in what way he was asking, he knew I didn’t have a room here. Was he making a joke because I had spent the whole day here or was he asking me to stay with him?

All of these questions were going through my head and he nervously laughed at my hesitation, prompting with well will you?

I took it that he was asking me to stay with him from that, but just make sure I asked would he like me to?

He stood up, held out his hand to me and said yes. I took his hand and we walked to his room. 

Once inside he told me to make myself at home. There was a large four poster bed, perfectly made by housekeeping, his bag was open and it’s contents strewn across the floor. An ensuite was to the right of the bed.

He said he wanted to show me a comedian he thought I would like and lay on the bed. I joined him, now a bit confused. Was I there for a comedy night sleepover?

He couldn’t find the comedy and so showed a few of his diving pictures instead. 

We were just centimetres away from each other, I could feel his body moving with each breath, unable to concentrate on the fish he was showing me. 

He turned his head to face me, looking straight into my eyes and I could tell all thoughts of diving had vanished. 

He kissed me and it felt so good. 

We hardly slept, unable to get enough of each other.

Gone 5am, when we were both exhausted, he put his arm around me and pulled me into him, kissed me on my nose and then rested his head against mine, kissing and stroking my hair.

It felt lovely, but it reminded me of him. That was exactly what he would have done. I immediately pushed all thoughts of him out my head and just enjoyed the moment. 

We fell asleep like that, intimate and totally relaxed with each other.

His alarm went off at 7am, as he was going diving at 8am. He snoozed it, readjusted his arm moving me closer to him and pulled my legs over his. 

He kissed my head and I turned to kiss him properly. He reluctantly got up for a shower and told me to stay sleeping. 

He kissed me before heading out for breakfast saying he would be back before going diving. 

Last night at some point he had asked if I had to leave today. I had told him I had no plans, and that I had planned to extend for at least one more night at the hostel. He had said I could just stay with him.

However, now the morning he hadn’t said it again and so I wasn’t sure if he had just said it in the moment or if he had meant it. 

If I did stay with him I would need to get my stuff and check out of the hostel by 11am, if not I would need to extend my stay as I didn’t have any transport to go elsewhere. 

I thought I would casually drop it into conversation when he came back before going diving but I wasn’t really sure how to.

I needn’t have worried, he came back from breakfast and jumped on top of me, taking me breath away with a kiss. He said he would be back about 1pm, and that as he had said before I was more than welcome to stay and move my stuff in here.

With another kiss that left me wanting more he left the room and left me to sleep. 

It’s strange. I’m not sure if this is good but I feel like we have a connection. Obviously we are only going to have a couple of nights together, and so feelings shouldn’t even enter it but just the way he is, it’s different to just a one night stand. It’s different to Eric or Jem, that was very much that we were friends but with sex. There was nothing in between to blur it together, I refused any advances of cuddles or silly little kisses, moving away straight after we had finished. 

But last night I fell asleep in his arms and I liked it.

Sazzle liked it. 


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