Temple Treking

Feeling mixed. 

I woke gone 8am and felt like I could have just rolled over and gone back to sleep. However, we had a temple to get to and so I made myself wake up. 

We had breakfast of rice, shaved egg and a very strange fluffy substance – almost like candy floss. 

B and I decided to get a Grab car to Borobudur Temple instead of trying to faff about on buses.

The car turned up within 2 minutes of us requesting it and we were off. It was quite a slow journey as the traffic is awful.

We were nearing the temple when the driver asked if we wanted to stop at a travel agent he knows and get a cheap ticket. We said yes and so he pulled over to a tiny little office. However, we wanted a combined ticket which he couldn’t sell. His ticket looked slightly strange as it didn’t have the name of Borobudur Temple on it so glad we didn’t go for that one. 

We got back in the taxi and apologised that we didn’t buy from his friend. He said if we wanted to be dropped at the ticket office we would have to pay the parking entrance. We said if it was right there we could walk the rest and so hopped back out. 

It was pretty hot and the concrete ground didn’t help with the heat bouncing straight back up. We weaved our way through all the women selling hats and the men selling models of the temple. 

We found the ticket office, a shed with a huge queue for domestic visitors and then a glass fronted building with free tea and coffee for international visitors. We had to pay 520,000r though so we paid for the privilege. 

We came across a little train and got on as it was free. People on the train started taking photos of us, so B took photos back of them. 

The train took us round the grounds which were very green and well looked after. We went passed some elephants which were there for elephant rides. They use boxes which are the things that hurt them so we didn’t go near. 

The train dropped us off at the end of the walkway up to the temple. There was an umbrella display above us which was very pretty and so we took lots of photos. 

We walked towards the temple and into the crowds of people. The steps up the temple were steep and it was slightly unnerving that I might get knocked off balance and fall. 

There were lots of levels on the temple and so at th me too of each stair section we walked around the sides. Here there were much less people as most of them just went straight up the stairs to the top. 

The temple was amazing, so many different sculptures and figures inside the stone work. Some bits had corroded, and a few Buddha’s had lots their arms or faces but overall it was stunningly beautiful. 

It took us about an hour to get up to the top, and although the large bell shaped cages that held Buddhas were impressive, the very top of the temple was a bit dull. Just a triangle of stone. 

We took lots of photos, refused lots of selfie requests and dodged some sneaky photographer leading around the stonework to get us!

It was so hot at the top, with the black stonework pushing heat up through my flip flops. 

We made our way down and then headed for the shade to cool down a bit. 

The exit was through a little market, and then we found a sweet stall. We bought a box of Grubi which are grated sweet potato with palm sugar deep fried into balls. Delicious. 

We then decided we should probably have a proper lunch before heading to the second temple. 

We found a busy restaurant and had fried rice with egg and an iced tea – our staple lunch! It was really good. 

Once we got out of the temple car park we requested a grab to take us to Pramanan Temple which was about an hour away. A car accepted our request but then messaged to say that because it took him out of town it would be 200,000r not the 156,000 that grab had offered on the app. We refused but then he said that was the only driver online so we were stuck. We agreed at 190,000r which is only a few pence off but it was more the principle! 

When he finally arrived he was in the wrong car. The registration plate didn’t match grab. We asked him for ID to prove he was the name of the grab driver. He pretended he didn’t understand but then when we said no he showed us his driving licence which was a different name! He said it was his brother’s grab account and then showed us a Facebook profile of a different man and a different name. Not sure how that was supposed to help. 

We said no, the point of grab and uber is that you know who it is and there is a record of it. He drove off in a huff!

As there were no other drivers around, or any Uber’s, we had to find the bus station. This took about 20 minutes walking and then we were directed onto a little bus. 

The bus journey took about an hour, and was very hot and rocky. I kept almost falling asleep but then would nearly fall of my chair so jolted awake. 

We reached the bus station and the bus conductor pointed us to our next bus. We bought a ticket and had to wait in this weird metal tunnel that felt almost like we were already on a bus. 

We waited for a good 20 minutes and eventually the man said it was our bus. We got onto it and it was like stepping into a fridge. It was bliss!

We got a seat and then pulled up the map so we could check we were going in the right direction. 

We had been on the bus about 20 minutes when we realised the temple shuts at 5pm and it was already 4.15pm. We had moved not even a quarter of the way in that 20 minutes due to traffic and so there was no way we would make it to the temple in time. 

We decided to get off at the next station and we ordered a grab to take us back to the bnb. 

It’s a shame we didn’t get to the second temple, but we did see the largest one. 

We had showers and then went back to Malioboro Street to find some dinner. We sat at a restaurant on the floor and had chicken and prawns with rice and a spring roll. We had got the spring rolls from a stall up the road and they were so good and only 20p! 

We went back and got more for our train journey tomorrow. 

I needed to get more money out so found an ATM. I’m slightly worried as I am using my credit card as the new debit card hadn’t arrived in time. I know I have a cash limit on the credit card so at some point it’s going to block me from taking out money. Also, without a debit card I don’t seem to be able to pay my credit card off. 

I need to speak to my bank and make sure a new debit card is sent out to mum and dad. I’m going to try and do that tomorrow to stop me from worrying. 

After our little jaunt on the crazy street we headed back home and booked a place to stay tomorrow night in Probolinggo and then a hotel to stay in for 2 nights in Bali. 

I can’t wait to get to the beach. The sightseeing here had been amazing and I’ve really enjoyed it but I think it’s time for a few days on the beach with some cocktails!

It’s so lovely having B here, although we have spent 3 months apart we have just slipped back into our friendship perfectly. Although younger than me, B is very much a mother hen figure and looks after me and loves to plan things. I am happy for her to take the reins. 

I feel relaxed with B here, however I have been thinking more about him since coming back out. I know it’s because we had contact, which is why I dreamed about him and why I know have slipped back into the old habit of thinking too much when on transport. It happened earlier in the grab, B was having a little nap and my mind just went off down the familiar path. I know this doesn’t help and I know I shouldn’t. I managed to snap myself out of it before the tears fell from my eye and I have been really trying the rest of the journeys to keep talking and occupied so I don’t go off in my little world. However tomorrow we have an 8 hour train ride so this could be a test for me. 

I want to feel sazzley, not sad. 


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