Why is this so difficult?!

Feeling stressed.

I have a new option. Emergency Travel Document to Indonesia, 2 weeks with B, then fly home after that to sort my proper passport, again on an ETD. A couple of weeks at home and then I start again?

That way there is no worry that I would be stuck in England whilst B is out in Indonesia!

It would be costly, but hopefully I could get the Indonesia and England travel on the same ETD. I would need a special visa to enter Indonesia as they require that on an ETD. The issue there is that sometimes they don’t grant them at the immigration office, or they grant it but they it gets refused on arrival. It’s a bit risky. What would I do if I was refused entry when I landed? I then wouldn’t have a passport to get me home?

Oh it’s all so difficult. I hadn’t given it much thought, but I really didn’t think it would be this hard. I stupidly thought they would be able to give me a new proper passport at the embassy. 

I spent the morning on the roof, on which I got locked in! The lady went for a shower and because the service had finished she locked the door to prevent anyone else coming up. When she returned she didn’t know I had tried to get off the roof, but kindly said that I needed to go downstairs now as her shift on reception was starting.

I was engrossed in Harry’s third year, and the afternoon went quite quickly.

I decided I needed to go and have some proper food, I haven’t been eating properly as I haven’t really left the hostel except to have a bit of chicken satay last night.

I put on some fresh clothes, having got some laundry done whilst in the same place long enough. It was nice to smell of clothes detergent and they were soft as they had been tumble dried. 

I stepped out of the hostel and it was pouring with rain. With the hostel room not having any exterior windows I had no idea it was wet! I decided to dash round the corner and treat myself to a Nando’s. Chicken, mashed potato and sweet corn is my favourite meal at home, not specifically from Nando’s, I used to have it as a kid with gravy.

It was quite quiet, but then it was only 5pm so a bit early for dinner. Sadly, they had no mashed potato! Instead I ordered it with fries. It was delicious and felt like comfort food, just what I needed.

I then went further and treated myself to a chocolate lava cake with ice cream. I ate it all but then felt sick. Probably a bit too much in one go!

I had text mum my new idea, and again she said that it was an option but I really just need to wait!

Suddenly I had a wave of inspiration! My main stress and worry at this point is not being in the same place as B. However, that doesn’t necessarily need to be Indonesia does it? Her main flight from England lands in Singapore. From there she could get a different flight for less than £100 to KL. She could come to me instead.

I have 60 days left on my visa here, so I could stay and sort out the new passport which takes 6 weeks. It would mean a lot of posting back and forth, but it saves money on flying home. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted. It’s only a back up plan, but at least we have one now!

Sazzle and B hitting Malaysia instead?


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