Is she having a baby?!

Feeling baffled.

I didn’t venture out of the hostel yesterday, I couldn’t face it so I just ate Oreos for dinner and drifted off to sleep whilst reading about duelling lessons and snakes.

I had some bizarre dreams, unable to remember any but I know I was very confused when I woke up.

At 3.30am, there was screaming coming from the room opposite. The hostel has a very long corridor with little rooms off each side, each with one window that faces the corridor. 

A lady screamed, and then there was a man’s voice and it went quiet. Maybe she had a bad dream?

I rolled over and went back to sleep, but within a few minutes there was more screaming. Longer this time and then nothing.

Another few minutes passed and she screamed again. A light went on in the room next to it, which shone into our room. I could see the other girls in our room were awake but none of us spoke. Were they fighting?

After another screaming episode, a man from down the corridor came out and knocked on their door. They didn’t answer and so he knocked again once the screaming had stopped.

When she starts screaming again, I said is she having a baby?! The others in the room looked at me and laughed, shaking their heads. But to me it sounded like she was in labour, short sharp bursts of pain and then nothing. I’ve never been in it myself but I used to watch Casualty and Holby City every week! 

Another 15 minutes of the screams, still no answer to the door and then we all heard it.

A baby’s cry.

She had just given birth in a hostel!

The door opened and the father was running up and down the corridor asking for a shoelace to tie on the cord.

We were all amazed and in shock, I had said it almost as a joke, but she had actually just had a baby!

Someone went downstairs to the reception to ask for an ambulance. When he came back and told the father what he had done, the father went into a panic, shouting no ambulance. 

It was too late now, but when the paramedics arrived, in full protective body suits, shoe covers and masks, he tried to stop them from seeing the mother and baby.

They were in the room for about 20 minutes and then they all left to go to the hospital. They left all their stuff and just shut the door.

After all the excitement, it was a while before the hostel was quiet again, and I drifted back off to sleep.

When I woke, I wondered if it had all been a dream, but then one of the girls in the dorm said what on earth was that about and I knew it was real!

I got out of bed about 10am and went up to the rooftop for some breakfast. It was a funny place, with spare mattresses leaning everywhere and lots of odd bits like pots and wood in piles. There was a mini kitchen at one end. 

I was the only customer and I sat at the table and orders a tea and scrambled egg on toast.

The kitchen is run by a cute Malaysian lady, who also works on reception during the afternoon.

Once I had finished my breakfast I ordered another tea, and she offers me some star fruit to try. It’s quite tart and a chewy texture with the skin.

Whilst I was up there, 2 German girls came up for a coffee. They asked if it was true and their had been a baby born in the night. We all discussed it, with the Malaysian lady explaining that she thought it was a mistress. They had only checked in at 10pm, and so she was probably already in early labour then. She explained that in Malaysia if the parents are not married, the baby is taken into care. It is against the law to have a baby out of wedlock. This as why he had panicked at the ambulance, as it is like that the baby has now been taken away.

It’s so sad, even if the mother wants to look after it, it’s not possible. There must be so many babies in care, and so many heartbroken parents.

One of the girls then asked hat had happened to me. I looked confused and she said she had seen me in reception yesterday getting the printing. I explained I had had my bag stolen and they gave me sympathy.

The girls left after their coffee and the lady topped up my tea and left me to read as she pottered about the kitchen area.

B called before she was going to work. She has checked with her insurance, and if I can’t get to Indonesia because of my passport, she isn’t covered for cancellation.

We discussed that I could go home, sort a new passport and then fly back out with her. It would be expensive and tight on time, but maybe it would be possible? I said I would investigate the option.

I spent the afternoon back on my bed in the world of Hogwarts. 2 of the girls from the room have left, so at least they won’t see me moping around day after day. The lady underneath me lives at the hostel. She has been there since November. She’s working in KL and it is cheaper for her to stay in a hostel than rent somewhere for a year. She hasn’t said anything to me, but when she left this afternoon she just held my hand for the briefest of moments. It was as if she was saying she was there if I want to share, but no pressure. I imagine she knows the receptionist lady and she has told her what happened. It was very sweet.

I spoke to mum and then to dad, gave them my idea of coming home. Dad thought that it seemed a bit of a faff, and it might not be in time for flying back out with Beth. Mum said I should just be patient and wait for Wednesday.

I have worked it out, and there is very little room for any changes! I would have to get the emergency passport and exit visa on Wednesday, fly on Thursday AM, stay overnight in London, go to the passport office in London on Friday and then go home, 7 days for passport to be processed and then fly out on the Sunday with B. I can’t get a passport any quicker, because the 1 day option is not available for stolen passports as they have to do more checks. 

Could this work?

It would be so tight but maybe!

Could going home help Sazzle?


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