It’s gone!

Feeling stressed.

Shit, my passport’s gone!

Last night we went out to the same beach bar, Natalie wasn’t feeling well so she stayed in the room. Mauricio, Eva and I got a bottle of vodka and shared it between us again. The fire dancing was just as impressive and we were mesmerised by this one girl that was amazing.

Eric came over, gave me a kiss and then said they were going to a different bar where the diving crew know the owner. He told us to join him after we had finished our drinks.

We didn’t rush over, I wasn’t sure about joining all the diving people and we were having fun just chatting the 3 of us.

We wondered over and Martha was there too. I gave her a hug and we caught up on our past few days since we parted. They have had great fun diving and she is very excited about going to Indonesia to see her boyfriend.

Eva felt a bit ill so went back to the room, but said she would be back. Mauricio and I got another vodka. 

Eric introduced me to some of his diving buddies. They all asked if I was going to learn, which I explained I was happy just snorkelling. It does sound fun but I just know I would panic and it isn’t worth it.

I was wearing the same dress that I met Eric in, he kept touching my bum and then whispered that we should go for a walk. 

He took my hand and led me towards the little path that goes through the jungle to the other side of the island. There was a flat area behind some of the trees where we went, hidden from the path.

When we went back to the bar, Martha was laughing and winked at me. I just laughed back at her and she said she was jealous. She has been away 5 months now and so no wonder she is so excited about seeing her boyfriend! She said Eric had told her about us on the bus from the highlands, probably thinking we wouldn’t all meet up again.

Mauricio had got another bottle of vodka, and passed me a new drink. Eva was back after a quick lie down and said she felt better so joined in with the vodka.

I was feeling a little drunk, so swapped to just a soft drink. Eric kept catching my eye and I could tell he wanted more, as I did. This probably was the last night we would have together as he is going to Thailand from here, and I’m heading south to Indonesia. 

Laughing, we walked down the beach. The tide was very low and all the boats were stranded up on the sand. We walked between them and then stopped at a little shelter with a bench.

When we walked back, Martha laughed again and just shook her head. I blushed and just laughed along with Eric. He seemed very pleased with himself and whispered he had always wanted to have sex on a beach.

Eva had gone back to bed, Mauricio had bought another bottle but I didn’t want to drink anymore. I said my goodbyes and headed back to the guesthouse, less than 200 metres away.

It happened in a flash and I still don’t know how it happened.

One minute I was walking, the next I was on the floor without my bag. He just came up behind me, out of nowhere. He didn’t stop, just got my bag and carried on.

I went back to the bar, telling Eric that my bag had gone and everyone was concerned but there was nothing we could do. Eric walked me back and I got into bed feeling shaken and I just wanted someone to cuddle me.

I woke up at 6am with a jolt. I was hungover, but the feeling of sick in my stomach was not from drink. My bag was gone and in it was my passport, debit card and camera phone.

I got up and walked the length of the beach, hoping he would have discarded the bag once he had the money and phone. But there was no sign of a blue bag anywhere.

I went back to bed after about an hour, into a restless sleep. What was I going to do?

We all woke up about 9am, and I told the others what happened. Mauricio asked if I knew the American guy, as he had seen me walking with my bag with him. I explained it was Eric and that I did know him, it was nothing to do with him.

We all packed, as we were leaving the island, except Eva but she was moving into a dorm.

I went down to the beach again, trying to connect to wifi but there were no networks available. Most of the restaurants were also shut. Due to it being the end of Ramadan, it was a bank holiday and so most places were shut. Great!

I still had hope that I would find my bag, why would they want a passport with my face on it?

I went into every dive centre, hostel, shop and taxi stand, asking if they had seen or had a blue bag or a passport handed in. Most people looked blankly at me, but no one had seen it.

In one hostel, the guy was helpful and said I have to report it asap to the police. However this would have to be done on the mainland, as there are no police on the island. Once reported to the police, I would need to go to the British Embassy in Kuala Lumpur to get a new passport. This is what I needed to know, which with no internet I was struggling with. I thanked him and he wished me luck.

I wanted to see Eric, just to check he hadn’t come across it on his walk back. A long shot I know, but I just wanted my bag!

With no internet, I couldn’t just message him so I decided to head over to his dive centre and hope I could find him. Natalie said she would come too so we set off, down the path that had been so fun just last night.

It took us about 30 minutes, walking through the jungle and I was feeling a bit nervous. We came across a hostel in the middle of the jungle, where we saw the Italian who had also been there last night. We spoke for a bit and he gave us his hostels wifi password so I could log on and message Eric in advance.

When we got to the dive centre, there weren’t many people around, but one of the instructors asked if we were OK. I said I was looking for Eric and Martha, he checked the board and said they were under the sea, wouldn’t be back until about 3pm. 

Tears welled up in my eyes and he looked concerned. I explained what happened and he said he would pass a message on to Eric to come to Long Beach as soon as he got back.

As we started walking away, he called me back. He let me into their dorm, so that I could check if my bag was there. It wasn’t.

My hope was diminishing. My bag was gone. My passport was gone.

We walked back to Long Beach, Natalie wanted food but just the thought of eating made me feel ill. She gave me 100mr as I had no money. I bought some water and said I was going to walk the beach once more. 

I walked passed the bar and they were just setting up. I stopped and asked if they had seen my bag at all, but they hadn’t.

At one of the open restaurants, I saw Jamie from Penang. I said hi and explained what had happened. With only an hour until the boat, I knew I had to accept my trip to Malaka was not going to happen. I needed to go back to KL and sort this out.

I went into the shop that sold bus tickets, but she said they were all full to KL for tonight. As if things couldn’t get any worse.

I decided I would just get on the boat, it was the last one until Tuesday so I had to get off the island. If I can’t get a bus to KL tonight, I will just have to stay locally and head off tomorrow.

We got our stuff out of the room, and gathered on the beach, all very subdued and quiet.

Eric was walking towards us. No bag, but it was nice to have a hug. He asked if I had checked the beach, I said I had done but could do again on the way to the boat pick up point. 

We walked together, not really speaking. Eric was staying on the island for the weekend. He had passed his open and advanced diving certificate so now he could go diving alone.

We said goodbye again, he said that he hoped I got everything sorted so that I made it to meet Beth. Shit. Was that only a hope? How long do new passports take? That hadn’t even crossed my mind that I wouldn’t be able to get there.

At the boat pick up, I didn’t have my ticket as that was in my bag as well so he made me pay again, even though I had shown him the receipt on my phone. He said I had to pay the driver and then I could claim it back at the office the other side. I knew I couldn’t be bothered with that as I just needed to get to the bus station but paid him so I could get off the island.

Nathalie and Mauricio were on a different boat to me, so we said see you on the other side and parted ways.

We were all given life jackets on the boat, and started to drive away from Long Beach. It was very wavy and the boat was going all over the place. We stopped a couple of times at different beaches to pick people up and then we headed across to the mainland.

We were soaked, with the waves coming over the boat. I was clinging on for dear life, and felt so sea sick. Why was everything going wrong?

At one point, the driver slowed down and put a life jacket on. Now I know that’s bad!

We eventually reached the mainland. Wet and windswept we all climbed off the boat. Most people were heading to the bus station so I followed them on the 20 minute walk.

I went straight up to a ticket window and bought a ticket for the 8.30pm to KL. Finally, something went right.

It was only 5pm so I had a bit of a wait. Eva, Mauricio and the Italian arrived, looked just as windswept as I did. We sat together, watching each other’s bags as we got food. I went to a cash point and got some money out from my credit card that I had kept in my large backpack.

I gave Natalie her money back, glad not to be in debt to her.

I am on a different bus to them, and so we said our goodbyes. I got onto the bus, which is a double decker with wifi! I need to find a place to sleep in KL! 

Once the journey started, it kind of hit me and I broke down in tears. I am so far from home with no passport. What am I going to do? Why did this have to happen? Why did I not leave my passport in the room? Why did I stay in the room if I didn’t think my passport would be safe?

What is Sazzle going to do?


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