Panic Stations

Feeling adventurous. 

My bus was booked at 2.30pm. I could have got it at 8am instead but I couldn’t face getting up that early, plus I needed to sort out my bag to fit everything into it after loosing my rucksack. 

I had a lovely lie in once everyone had got up to go hiking or on the tour.

I didn’t get up until gone 10am which then left me time before the 11am check out.

I decided to ditch my turquoise vest, which I have worn a lot and have lots of photos of me in it at different places! I also ditched the foldout mirror and a notepad. Neither of which I had used and they were quite heavy together. Finally I left the long cardigan that I originally travelled in. I hadn’t worn it again and it was dirty from the journey.

I managed to fit everything in to my backpack! Phew! Although it was now even heavier! 

I took it upstairs for storage at 11am and dropped the key off.

Upstairs was empty so I left the hostel to have a final walk up and down the main street. I got some snacks for my journey, pringles and oreos of course as well as water and coke.

I wanted to get a small drawstring bag to replace my rucksack. I scoured the shops and eventually found some. They were fake Nike or Similar so I picked the plainest! 

I also found a comb which I will use to tackle my hair in Penang. It has become out of control and a matted mess!

I decided to have tandoori chicken at my favourite place for a final time. It was just as delicious as always!

A guy who had been on the tour yesterday sat at a table a couple down from me just as I finished. I thought about chatting to him but he was then joined by a few other people so I left.

I got some of the supreme tea that I had had at the factory for mum and dad, as well as a monitor strawberry jam. I think Beth could take them back with her to save me posting them again.

I also gave in and got a neck pillow. It’s black and covered in strawberries to remind me of the Highlands. As I’m doing more and more bus journeys I think it will.come in handy.

I was pleased with my purchases and popped them all in my new bag.

Back at the hostel I made myself a tea and settled down on the sofa to wait just over an hour until I had to leave for the bus.

I was looking forward to getting to Penang, unsure of what to expect.

The hour passed quickly and I set off in the rain to the bus station. Luckily on one side of the main road the walkway is covered so I only got wet crossing 2 roads.

I was early getting there at 2.10pm but the bus was already filling up. I put my bag in the hold and found my seat. I had a solo seat next to the window. Perfect. 

We left on time and I spent the time updating the blog and dozing. It’s weird, once I’m on these long bus journeys they go so quickly and I almost wish they lasted a bit longer! 

I was checking on Google maps our progress and realised I had no idea where the bus stopped.

Penang has 2 parts, Butterworth which is on the mainland and then the island which is where I wanted to go to Georgetown.

On the map, we had gone passed both bridges that take you to the island. Shit. Where was I going?!

We carried on for another 40 minutes and then the bus stopped at the side of the road. A couple of people got off.

I checked the map and we were at Butterworth. Was I meant to get off here?

A couple of German girls also looked panicked. I asked where they were going and they said Georgetown too. The guy behind us said we needed to get off here, to get the ferry. 

We got up and rushed off, collecting our bags. There were 5 of us in total with the couple (American) that had known to get off.

We all walked together over a car park and into the ferry terminal. We had to go up 3 sets of stairs and then back down again! 

By the time we got to the ferry counter we were all sweating and panting.

The ferry was so cheap at 1.20r and we were let into the waiting area. 

The sun was just going down so it was a good photo opportunity over the water. The ferry was huge and had cars on it first, and then we were able to get on.

It didn’t take long to get across and I was relieved when I checked the hostel directions it said from the jetty. Phew.

We got off the ferry on the otherside and had a bit of a walk again. Once out of the ferry terminal we were greeted with the buses and a group of taxi drivers. 

I knew my hostel was a 5 minute drive or a 20 minute walk. I was tired and couldn’t be bothered to walk with my bag so got a taxi for 12r.

The guy at the hostel was British and very chirpy. He advised that the female dorm was nicer than the mixed and the same cost so I opted for that instead.

The dorm was empty so I dropped off my bag and quickly got changed. It had gone 9pm and I was hungry. 

The hostel was quiet, no one around except a couple. They asked the hostel.guy for a good place to eat and he recommended them Kapitan for the best tandoori ever. My ears pricked up and I listened to the directions.

I set off, walking through a food market with everything smelling so good! 

At Kapitan I ordered my favourite, tandoori set and a black tea. It was just as cheap as in the Highlands which was good.

Now, I may have set my standards quite high but this was definitely not the best ever. The chicken was only just warm and I actually doubted if I should eat it. I wasn’t sure about if it had been reheated or if it had just been left before serving so it had cooled. I watched them and they cooked them in big batches and then had a supply ready to just put on the plate.

Tasty but did have prefer it hot.

I had a little wonder round, Penang has so much street art and I came across some metal rod work on the wall of a building. I was in Little India and it was so old and cute.

I was pretty tired so decided to get an early night and then go exploring in the morning.

No one in the hostel or dorm so I went to bed without speaking to anyone.

Silent Sazzle.


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