Fluffy Socks & Beers

Feeling strange. 

We had arranged to meet at 10.30am for the hike, so we didn’t need to get up early.

The dorm was empty by 8am with most people heading off on early buses. Eric got up and went upstairs for about half an hour. 

He came back moaning there was no one up there, I reminded him he was a bit early and he was confused as he thought we had agreed 9am.

He said he was going to go back to sleep for a quick nap, unless I wanted a cuddle.  

Urgh! What is with his obsession with cuddling?! I said he could get into my bed but not for a cuddle. He laughed and got in, making the most of the empty dorm.

We fell back to sleep and then ended up being late for the 10.30am meet. Everyone was ready and had eaten breakfast. We grabbed a slice of bread and ate it on the way out. 

We went passed the bus station and so everyone thought this was a good time to get their tickets.

Lottie and Jessie were going to KL and got their ticket.

Martha and Eric had arranged to go to Tama Negara together. Eric and I hadn’t spoken about it but he had assumed I was going with them.

The ticket lady asked how many tickets and Martha said 2. Eric corrected her to 3, but I touched his arm and shook my head. He looked at me in surprise. I said I was going to stay in the Highlands another night to do the mossy forest and then head to Penang as planned.

He looked sad, and I felt bad that I hadn’t mentioned it before. I nodded and said he’d have a great time. They are planning to do a 3 day trek, which sounds good but I want to get to Borneo for jungle trekking.

Once all the bus tickets were sorted, everyone had one except me. We headed off on our trek, Eric sticking to me like glue. It was as if he thought he had better make the most of me before we parted tomorrow.

The hike wasn’t as steep, but Olga had been replaced with Will (Belgian) so we went at a very high speed and finished path 5, over a km, within 20 minutes! 

We were very pleased with ourselves and decided to go along path 3 site of going straight back down path 4.

We kept up the speed and my lungs felt like they were going to explode. We took the path to a temple, and just as we approached it, the sky went dark and the rain started.

We put our rain jackets on but it was so heavy. Rain was dripping off my nose and chin, and my hair was soaked.

We took shelter under the edge of the temple, which was locked so we couldn’t see it anyway.

The rain didn’t seem to be stopping and we were getting cold stood still. We were already soaking so we may as well carry on.

We were on road now and it was much easier to walk without the torrents of water on the paths.

We were chatting about Disney films and singing the songs to distract us from the cold. We got to the bottom of the hill and realised we were 4km away from the hostel. Luckily the rain had stopped and we were warmer having been speed walking again.

Lottie said we could go onto a shortcut, which as she had been navigator so far I trusted.

We walked along the road for along bit and then cut into the forest through a chilly farm. Surprise! We were on path 4 which would get us back to the hostel.

I didn’t mind, walking through the rainforest was more fun than the road. However, this path had been laid with red and black bricks, which I’m sure we’re meant to help. However, with dead leaves, moss and rain they were so slippy. Even in my hiking boots I was sliding everywhere. 

We were walking along the river and at one point the path had given way and we had to jump over the landslide. It was a bit scary.

The rain started again, this time with thunder and lightening and it was so heavy it actually hurt when it hit us.

We started to almost run to get through, we were hopping and sliding, our legs almost having minds of their own. 

We burst out of the forest and got to a shelter. We were in a park with a playground and the ground had half a foot of water everywhere. 

We sat under the shelter for about 5 minutes and checked our valuables. Luckily my phone was safe in my pocket, but my bag was soaked. Luckily I had nothing of any value in there. Lottie and Jessie had their passports with them!! They were a bit damp but OK and they put them away in a carrier bag. 

I started to shiver with the cold, and Eric said we should move. We had 15 minutes until we would be back at the hostel so we agreed we should just go for it.

Luckily we didon’t have any more forest path, it was road so we could walk any high speed safely. 

We got to the main road and Lottie stopped at the market to get food. They were taking ages and I was so cold. Jessie and I just carried on in the end and reached the hostel before them.

I got straight into the shower, shivering and cold. The water wasn’t warm and I felt like crying! I washed all the mud off and shampooed my hair.

I got dressed into long trousers and my fleece, but my feet were freezing. 

Eric had got into dry clothes without a shower, advisable as I think I was colder after the cold shower! We were both weak with hunger, the slice of bread from this morning had well and truly wore off with it now being 5 hours later!

We went and had tandoori chicken and naan with hot tea. It was just what we needed, but with our stomachs full we were so sleepy.

We walked past a souvenir shop and picked up some fluffy strawberry socks for our chilly feet!

Back at the hostel, we went straight to the dorm and both got into our beds with our fluffy socks on! We were exhausted and both fell asleep for a few hours.

We woke up about 6pm and went for a cup of tea upstaors. Martha messaged to say she was in the curry house if we wanted to join her.

I felt sad having to take my fluffy socks but the thought of a beer made it bearable!

We got there and she was sat on a table by herself. We joined her and ordered beer and food. They were excited about their adventure tomorrow,  and I have booked to go on the half day tour in the morning which I’m happy about.

From the curry house we moved round the corner to Travellers Bar which had Shaggy playing and lots of beers.

We spent the evening playing cards and drinking beer. We loved the random song choices that were all from the 90’s and when they turned the music off at midnight we put our own songs on our phones, including spice girls! We were all singing along and it was along really fun evening.

It made me feel sad that Eric would be gone in the morning. Although I have whinged about him a bit he is a really lovely guy and is fun to hang with. 

It got to 1am and the bar closed, asking us to leave. We were slightly tipsy and giggling as we walked back to the hostel.

We said goodnight to Martha as she was in a different dorm. Eric stripped off and got into his bed. I changed into my pyjamas, fully aware he was watching me. I kissed him over the bed bars and then got into my bed.

As soon as I lay down, the girl opposite started making sex noises again. I started giggling, and I could hear and feel the bed shaking with Eric’s laughter.

I text him, saying I wish I was having such a good dream. After a couple of messages we ended up in the dorm bathroom together, giggling like teenagers. 

Once we had finished, I opened the door and crept out. Everyone was still asleep – phew! 

I got into bed and then laughed as Eric crept into his bed, kissing me goodnight on the way.

I slept well, but had a lot of dreams. Dreams about Eric and Martha, about Mum and about him. It was like my mind couldn’t rest and was just flicking through so much that was going on in my head.

I have been so tempted to text him. So far I have held off but it’s getting more difficult. I don’t know where he is, last I know he was in Vietnam. Could he be in Malaysia? I would hope if he was, he would have let me know. I upload lots of photos on facebook for my parents to see, so he would know where I am. 

I do wonder if we will ever meet up, if we will ever be in the same country to have the chance to. And what would happen if we did? Would we carry on together? Would we spend a few days together and then go our separate ways again? Surely that would be worse than what’s going on now? Saying goodbye again? I don’t think if could do that.

Sazzle certainly couldn’t.


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