Rainforest Hiking

Feeling peaceful.

I woke about 4am to a strange noise. It sounded like someone was having sex! I needed a wee but didn’t want to disturb whoever was having fun. It was coming from the bed opposite me but I could see there wasn’t anything going on. The girl was fast asleep and alone. It seemed she either had a very unfortunate snore or she was having a good dream!

I got up and used the bathroom. Back in bed I could get back to sleep. I ended up reading the news and social media for over an hour before I drifted off again. 

People in the dorm were up and about at 7.30am to go on tours. We hadn’t booked anything and so I rolled over and went back to sleep. 

We both got up about 11am and went upstairs to see if anyone was going hiking. We met Lottie (German) who said she was going about 1pm if we wanted to join. 

We went for lunch, I had banana and honey pancakes which were so fluffy and came with ice cream!

We got back to the hostel and got into shorts, tshirt and our hiking boots. We packed a bag each with water, chocolate bar, suncream and rain coat. Ready!

We met upstairs where Lottie was joined by Jessie (USA), Martha (Dutch) and Olga (Russian). They hadn’t eaten as they had just gone on the tour so we went and watched them eat!

We set off on the hike about 2pm in the end. There are set paths through the rainforest and up the mountains. We went up path 8 and then down 7.

Path 8 was so steep, more often than not we were having to use our hands as well to hold onto roots or trees as we climbed. 

Lottie and Martha were experienced hikers with long legs so they were speeding ahead. Jessie and I kept a good pace and were not far behind. Olga had never been on a hike and after an hour she was really struggling. Eric was staying back with her and helping with her footing and lending a hand when she needed it. 

We were never out of each other’s view for long and we waited for olga when needed. 

We were deep in the rainforest and the views were stunning. Surrounded by trees, ferns and plants that had been there for hundreds of years. Everything woven together, trees that had fallen long ago were now covered and had been consumed by the forest. 

We were climbing up rocks, over trees and down slippy roots. It took so much concentration making sure my foot was in a safe place every step, but also to make sure I didn’t walk head first into a branch.

We had stops for photos and drink breaks but it was tough going. The air was getting thinner the further we climbed.

We got to near the top and had a choice, go 250m higher to reach the summit or take the path down. We voted and sunsurprisingly olga was the only one not keen to get to the top. She couldn’t go back on her own so she had to come with us.

The final climb was almost vertical. My legs were aching and I was short of breath but we got there. 

The view was pretty disappointing!  We were up in the clouds so there wasn’t actually a view at all!we took a group selfie and all had a bite of Eric’s snickers!

We were going back the same way for the first bit but then a different path for most of it.

It started to rain, heavily but luckily the tree cover protected us slightly. However, there were started teams of water now running where we were walking making it very slippy.

The way down was difficult, it was really straining on the knees and there were parts where we just had to grip with our hands and slide down about a metre as there was just no grip. 

The whole walk took just over 4 hours and we finally got back to the road and we were all in need of a beer and some food!

We didn’t even go back to the hostel, we just sat down in Curry House and all ordered a beer and curry. I went for a paneer palak which is something I haven’t had since Goa.

We were all very pleased with ourselves. Olga had an omelette and then left to have a shower. She was very quiet and I think it may have been a bit too much for her, but she did well to finish and she didn’t really complain much. 

We were all shattered all nd so headed back all deter just the one beer. Eric said I could have the first shower in our dorm. I was so cold, where we had got sweaty and then wet with the rain my clothes were wet.

I got into the shower, scrubbing the mud from off my legs. It wasn’t overly warm and I didn’t feel much better afterwards. 

I got into my long trousers and then put on my fleece! It’s oly the second time I have worn it, the other time being after the rain storm at elephants in Sri Lanka.

We went upstairs and sat with everyone, all cuddling cups of tea to warm up. We chatted but at 10.30pm I was falling asleep on the sofa so I said goodnight and went to bed.

We have arranged another hike at 10.30am tomorrow. I’m hoping my legs will be OK as I don’t want to be the Olga of the group.

It’s been a good day today, and I love the Highlands. Being with more people is good too, Eric and I still close and everyone thought we were travelling together from the start rather than having just met a little while ago.

My mind has been focused today and I haven’t really had any time to think and out anything except where to put my feet! 

Focus Sazzle.


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