Where’s the Fort?

Feeling bemused.

I woke up at about 10am and Eric was still fast asleep. I snuck out of the bed and sat on the terrace for about an hour before he surfaced, looking all cute and sleepy!

We decided to get a scooter and go on an adventure to the otherside of the island where there is an old Dutch Fort, and we could pick up some lunch. 

We headed to reception and asked the lady but we were required to have an international drivers licence, something neither of us had. 

She suggested that we could hire one from the boys down the road but by law she couldn’t rent us one.

We didn’t think hiring one from some boys was a good idea, as if we did get stopped by the police we would be illegal. 

The breakfast menu at the resort looked OK and so we asked her if it was still being served. She said no. Great. So instead we picked something from the lunch menu, but then when we asked her to order it, she said the kitchen was closed! We had been stood right in front of her all this time.

Eric was looking grumpier by the second so I suggested we head out to the road to see what we could eat.


No where was open and so we were both pretty annoyed now. We decided to get a taxi back to the other side of the island, get lunch and then walk to the fort.

Back at the resort, the lady ordered us a taxi and it was there in just a few minutes.

We ate in China Town, roast chicken and rice. It was so fresh and delicious but a bit strange for the first meal! 

Both feeling a bit more chipper after eating we actually started to speak to each other! Up until then, we had both been very quiet and not really feeling like making conversation. 

We set off on the road, out of the town towards the fort. We were now walking in the midday sun and nd it was pretty hot! 

There were no pavements and so we just had to walk on the side of the road, which were pretty bendy and the cars just came whizzing out of no where.

We walked through a little village and 2 little boys said hello to us. We said hi back and they asked us our names, and we had a little conversation with them. 

We carried on walking and they left the road after a couple of hundred metres, running towards a house.

We came across a covered rock, with a sign saying ‘historic rock’. It was a huge boulder but it had graffiti on one side which we thought was a shame. 
There were no other details about the rock so we agreed we would Google it once we got back.

Just as we turned the corner, the same 2 boys were in front of us. How did they get there?! This time they asked us for money. We said no and walked at a slightly quicker pace. 

We carried on and came down to the water. There was a huge mosque on stilts out in the water. There was a service going on and so the man was very loud through the speaker.
We were sure the fort was around here but couldn’t see anything fort like. There was a huge modern building on top of a hill but we didn’t think it was that.

We carried on and came up to a brand new but abandoned hotel building. It was pretty strange.

We set off again, but taking only a few steps before a motorbike came and stopped in front of us.

Uh oh.

The guy was only about 20 and he was only a foot away from Eric. I felt uneasy and realised there was no one else around. My mind flicked back to the young boys, they could have told their older brother about us. 2 western tourists walking along the road…

Eric said hi to the guy and he took off his helmet. He pointed in the direction we were walking and shook his head, then held his index fingers in a cross. This was obviously not the way to the fort. 

Eric asked him about the fort and he shook his head and he pointed back the way we had come. 

We said thank you and turned around to walk back. He drove off back in the opposite direction. 

We both looked at each other, a little freaked out. What had we been about to walk into?!

We walked quickly and then once we were back at the mosque we started to speculate! Machine guns and drug addicts! 

When we got to the top of the hill, we looked back on ourselves and could see smoke coming from where we were not allowed to go. We decided it was a drug factory and we were very relieved that we didn’t go walking in! 

We walked back through the village, no sign of the boys again. We were both a bit quieter, just focusing on the walking.

On the edge of the village, we saw an archway on our left with a plaque next to it. 

The fort!

I don’t know what I had been expecting, maybe similar to an English castle (I LOVE castles) or a round tower on the top of a hill.

However, it was slightly disappointing. It was just 2 walls with circular and slit windows. It was used by the Dutch for storage of tin. 

Luckily, even though it had been a pretty rubbish day, we both laughed about how far we had walked for 2 walls!

We got back to the town and headed straight back to the resort in a taxi and then to the beach. 

It felt so nice to be in the cold water after our long hot walk. It was quite rough and with a big drop we couldn’t go out too far.

We were just bobbing around and chatting but I started to feel seasick! The movement of the waves was horrible and I had to get out.

I sat on the steps and watched Eric mess around. He lay on the edge of the beach but then his shorts filled up with sand! He had to go out deep and take them off to get the buckets worth of sand out! 

I got bored and so went to the shop to get a water. On my way back I passed Kylie and Keiron sitting at the only open restaurant. I was glad to see them, spending 24 hours a day with Eric was quite a lot so other company was very welcome.

I sat with them and exchanged stories about our days. 

I’d been them here for about 30 minutes when I them here ought I’d better check that Eric was OK! I popped back down to the beach and he was just sat there. I told him where I was and nd he jumped up to join us.

We had dinner with them, beef fried rice with an egg on top. The kids were being silly and ended up having a rice fight. They thought it was hilarious and we’re very cute!

After dinner we went to the little shop and got a couple of beers each, and milk and cookies for the kids.

We got chairs from the closed market and sat on the beach for the sunset. It was such a lovely chilled evening after quite a stressful day. The 4 of us just get on so well and can chat for hours! 

Definitely the extra people are helping Eric and I as we were struggling a bit today. We don’t really have much in common to be honest! I guess that’s what happens when you’re drunk when you meet! It’s very different when you are sober!

Eric is in Malaysia for anot her couple of weeks, I don’t know if we will stay together for that time or separate. I think I’m wanting to separate. Solo travel wasn’t my original choice but I’d rather be independent and do what I want rather than have to take his feelings into cosideration.

Plus, I just can’t do the cuddle thing. When we got back from the beach earlier, he wrapped his arms around me and it was so uncomfortable. I don’t now if he can tell I don’t like it, I guess not as he keeps doing it. 

Maybe he doesn’t want me to feel it’s just about sex, but actually it is! And that’s OK with me. Feelings are not happening. I’m a no feeling zone. Numb. Nothing.

And that’s how it’s going to be. That’s how Sazzle is going to be.


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