Pangkor Island

Feeling chilled.

After our night in the cheap hotel, we found a guest house on the other side of the island for the next couple of nights.

Reception ordered a taxi for us, which are all bright pink minivans. It only cost 16 ringgit and took 15 minutes so we could have just done that last night.

We checked into Nipah Bay Villas, where we asked for an economy room for 2 nights. It was 90 ringgit each for both nights. He tried to sell us a chalet but we both said no, keeping it cheap. I don’t think he had any economy rooms or he felt sorry for us as he said we could have a chalet for the same cost.

It was cute. There was a small deck out the front with chairs and a table. The room was spacious with a huge bed, tv and kettle. The bathroom had a western toilet and a warm shower. Perfect.

We dumped the bags and got into beach stuff and headed out to explore.

The beach is just 200m from our chalet. The sand is golden and the sea is turquoise. It looked like something from a postcard. We dived straight into the sea. It was warm and clear. After a day travelling and carrying the bag around it was bliss. I could feel my body relaxing, and destressing.

We were just floating around when we were joined by Kieron (uk) and Kylie (Australia) and their two adorable children Scarlet (4) and Hunter (2). They are 3 months into a 10 month travel around south east Asia. They live in Australia and met 10 years ago travelling.

We spoke to them for ages, after 2 days of just the 2 of us it was nice to have new company.

We all decided to get some lunch, and walked round to the other beach where there are 2 beach restaurants. 

The island is so quiet, most of the shops and stalls are closed and there are hardly any people around.

We got a table together on the beach and after lunch we just enjoyed sitting in the shade chatting. We had great fun comparing English, Australian and American.

The kids then water to go swimming at the pool back at their apartment. They invited us and we gladly accepted.

We walked back and they were only a few doors down from our place. The pool was small but perfect to just hangout. The kids had a little pool too, although they enjoyed the big pool too. Hunter was on the verge of swimming but just not quite yet. With the 4 of us he was safe. Scarlett had started swimming just a few weeks ago and lover jumping in, belly flops. 

They had seeds and fed them to us fishies, as we chatted.

We got out after a couple of hours, our fingers totally wrinkled. Oh, something I have learnt – your fingers and toes go wrinkly in water to give you better grip!

We left them in the pool but thought we might bump into them later.

We headed back to the beach round the corner and hired a kayak. There was a small island about 800m away which we kayaker to. It wasn’t far and with the tide it was and easy paddle. We jumped out and we were on an empty island. There was a beach bar but it was closed. 

I stood paddling, looking for pretty shells. There was a steep hill on the island covered in trees. Eric wanted to climb it and I started to follow but with only being in flipflop and the ground being uneven and steep I decided to stay on the sandy beach. Eric got to the top and shouted but I didn’t hear him. 

It took him about 20 minutes, and I enjoyed the time just being by myself. They are rare moments when travelling which is something that has really surprised me.

Eric came back down and asked where I was. I looked at him funny, I was right in front of him. He asked where in my head do I go, when I space out. I just shook my head.

He used to say I went to Sarah’s land, where everything was pink and sparkly, the lakes were made of lemonade and the trees were made of chocolate and mint aero. He was always good at making up stories, normally they had a dragon in them somewhere. They always made me smile.

We kayaked back, slightly more difficult as we were going against the tide.

We got a table on the beach, ordered a tiger beer each and watched the sunset. It was pretty spectacular.

We had dinner and it was delicious. I had garlic and oyster sauce chicken with rice. It was so fresh and tasty.

We had another couple of beers, chatting in the darkness about past relationships and future plans. 

We were getting bitten on our legs so we gave in and headed back to the chalet.

It had been such a fun day, the family were just so amazing and I loved being in their company. We both said how back at home we would never have crossed paths normally, let alone end up spending the whole day together. 

The kayaking to an empty island, watching the sunset with a beer, these were such good experiences. But even as I stood on the island alone, all I wanted was for him to wrap him arms around me and whisper that we had made it. That’s where I was in my head, no more lemonade lakes or strawberry lace swings, just a world that I thought was my future.

Sazzle’s future.


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