To the Island

Feeling tired.

Eric and I got food and then wandered round the market for a bit. I was feeling fragile and still hungover so we headed back to the hostel.

We decided to make a plan,  and we ended up booking bus tickets to Pangkor Island which is 4 hours away. It’s a small island with beautiful beaches. A few days to chill out sounded perfect.

From there I could go east to the Cameron Highlands, before heading north to Penang.

There was a party at the hostel that night but I was not in the mood. We went to bed about 8pm and I slept through to the morning.

We packed up our stuff and checked out. We walked from the hostel to the train station which was a hot 20 minute walk. We had to get on 3 different trains to get to the main bus station. 

My bag was so uncomfortable and heavy. We finally got to the bus station and it was like an airport with different gates and waiting areas.

We finally got onto the bus and I was glad to have 4 hours of sitting without my bag! However, we got off the bus 6 hours later ands it seemed to have taken a few detours to drop other people off!

We arrived in Lumut which is a small town with a habour. We could see the water so headed across to it, hoping it was easy to see the ferry.

It was 7pm and the sun was just setting so the views from the ferry were amazing. I was looking forward to getting to the island.

Whilst on the ferry, Eric remembered he didn’t actually book the hostel. He had got distracted and never booked it. We had no WiFi to find a place now so had to wait until we got onto the island and hope there was.

We got off the ferry, the sun now down and so starting to get dark. We were so hungry as the bus hadn’t stopped so we hadn’t eaten all day.

We saw a little cafe on the habit front that also had a WiFi sign. We dumped our bags and ordered, chicken fried rice and a cup of tea.

Looking on the Internet, most of the accommodation was on the other side of the island. It was a 30 minute walk which I refused to do in the dark with my bag.

We found a Best Stay hotel which was only down the road and decided to crash there for the night and then make our way over to the west side in the morning.

We checked in to a double room, it was basic but clean and had a warm shower.

Once we had showered, we lay on the bed talking about our lives and travelling. Eric is travelling for 2 months, going to Thailand from Malaysia, between finishing uni and starting work.

He’s a nice chap, very American but he’s funny and seems to be good company for now. 

We were both exhausted after our day of travel. He fell asleep before me and it felt weird being in asleep bed sober with someone else. I felt like if I turned over it would wake him. 

I eventually got to sleep, but woke in the middle of the night when he had put his arm over me. Oh no, we are not cuddling. We are not a couple. We are not being romantic. We are having meaningless sex whilst travelling for a bit together. I shoved him off and hoped he got the message.

5am and the call to prayer from the local mosque woke us up. He pulled me into a spoon but I wriggled away. 

Spooning in the early hours was perfect with him, I used to love being little spoon with his big arms wrapped round me, our legs tangled. Or when I was big spoon he used to say I was a little chimp clinging on, he’d laugh at me and turn over to scoop me into a cuddle. I am not doing that with a random.

I would do anything to be his little spoon again. Sazzle or not.


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