Oh dear.

Feeling twatish.

I woke early and luckily the other girls in my dorm were also awake. We turned the light on by 8am so that meant I could pack easily, rather than stumble about in the dark.

Each time I pack my stuff, I seem to have more even though I actually have less. This time I have left a pair of denim shorts, and 2 tops that I haven’t yet worn and so it seems unlikely that I will. I only got one skirt from KL so really it should be easier!

I went downstairs and dumped my bag at the bottom. Ashley and Jeremey came down after a bit and we ordered an uber to our new hostel, Reggae Mansion.

This is a party hostel with a rooftop bar. Matt and James who I met in Goa both told me to go there so I was looking forward to it.

Jeremey was being quieter than usual, in fact he hardly said a word in the car over there.

We were able to check in, even though it was only 10am. Jeremey and his 2 friends had booked the 24 bed dorm, Ashley and I were in smaller 4 bed dorms, although different ones.

I got to mine on the 2nd floor and it was just a small area and then huge square pods built into the wall. The bed was pretty much a double and there was a curtain at the end so that you had your own little world.

Luckily I was on the bottom bunk as the top bunks were really high!

We all met back downstairs, jeremey’s friends had checked in but weren’t here and had no WiFi to get in touch.

We went for lunch ending up at McDonald’s again and I had chicken nuggets. Yum.

We were not far from our last hostel but in a slightly different part of town. We had a little explore and then decided to head back to the hostel. Ashley wanted to swap dorms to be in mine, which was currently empty.

There was no issue swapping rooms, and Ashley got the bed above mine.

We went back downstairs where we met Jeremey’s friends, we weren’t really introduced and I can’t remember their names.

They had only been in KL since that morning and so had been exploring. They hadn’t been to China Town yet, so we walked there and they took ages actually looking at stuff to buy. It was hot and I had been to the market so many times I was a bit annoyed. They carried a can of beer with them all the time, which was to continue there drinking from when they arrived.

Ashley suggested we go to the public pool that they had found the other day. That sounded lovely, an afternoon of cooling down in the pool.

We got our swimwear from the hostel and walked up the hill to the pool. It was an Olympic sized pool, half sectioned off with ropes for lane swimming and then the the half just left for casual swimming. 

The boys had picked up more beers on the way, although it really wasn’t that type of pool. 

We spent a good few hours there, Ashley and I in the water and then the boys in and out with their beers, drinking sneakily on the side. 

Jeremey was still not really speaking to me and it was getting a bit awkward. I don’t know if it was obvious to the others, but it made me feel uncomfortable. He had asked us to be friendly, so why was he now acting like he couldn’t speak to me? I started having doubts about continuing with them.

On the way back to the hostel they picked up more beers, and Ashley and I got a small bottle of blueberry vodka and a bottle of coke.

Back in the room I changed out of my wet clothes and into a dress that I had in my small backpack, to save going into my main bag.

We poured some of the coke into another bottle and then topped it up with the vodka. We weren’t allowed outside drinks, but hopefully they wouldn’t notice a bottle of coke.

We finally found our way to the rooftop, with so many sets of stairs in the building it was not easy!

The boys were watching cricket on a phone and barely even registered that we had joined them.

We ordered a bucket of rum and coke to share so that our own drink didn’t look obvious. It was really strong with only one can of coke in and about 12 shots of rum.

Once we had finished the bucket, and our bottle, we were starving and a bit drunk.

As part of our room rate we had dinner included. We went down into the restaurant and had the choice of fried noodles or sausage pasta. We ordered, I went safe with fried noodles. 

As we were sat there, a guy came over and said my name. I said yes and he introduced himself as Eric (USA) my dorm buddy. I must have looked confused as to how he knew my name and he explained he had met Ashley and Jeremey earlier when they had moved her into my dorm.

Eric and his pal John (German) joined us and we had the usual chat about travel plans.

After dinner we went back to the rooftop. Eric challenged us to a game of pool and so Ashley and I played doubles against them. Jeremey and the other 2 boys carried on watching the cricket.

We were all very drunk and it gets a bit hazy. We lost the game of pool due to the barman helping the boys, which then meant we had to buy them a bucket. Eric was ridiculously flirting with me, which was funny.

Ashley was sensible and went to bed about 11pm, I should have as well but I’m never good! 

We had more drinks and the NZ boys came over to the pool table as well. Drunkenly I started talking to Jeremey but he was just rude and stumbled away in his drunken state.

This got my back up and so I started to flirt back with Eric. He was a funny guy and made me laugh after such a weird day.

I stopped drinking about midnight as I knew I had way too much already.  I usually know when I get to a certain point and just have a soft drink instead.

I think with the strong shots I had gone past that point…I woke up with an arm wrapped round me and a body spooning me.


I don’t remember leaving the rooftop, or getting into bed. I don’t know if I got into my bed but then moved into Eric’s or if I just went straight to his bed. 

I kind of remember having sex, telling him to be quiet because Ashley was asleep. But that’s about it.

Eric woke too and started kissing me. I felt pretty hungover and knew sex would make me feel better, the perfect hangover cure.

Afterwards I fell back to sleep, waking when Ashley clambered down from her bed. Eric got up and spoke with her. They talked as if I wasn’t in the room, Ashley asking how I was and that I had better be OK as we had a long journey to Penang today.

Penang?! I didn’t want to go to Penang yet. I wanted to go to Cameron Highlands. Penang was way up north and missed out the Highlands. 

Eric went to get breakfast and Ashley poked her head round the curtain. She asked if I had a good night and I blushed. She said they were going to McDonald’s if I wanted hash browns.

I got dressed and joined her and Jeremey. He didn’t even say morning to me. I guessed Ashley had told him whilst I was getting dressed as he did not look happy. Obviously Ashley didn’t know about Jeremey and I so would have just thought it was funny, not realising what a dick it made me.

We had a silent breakfast. I managed half a hash brown and a coke. Jeremey had only coffee and Ashley had a full muffin too. 

It was horrible and awkward. What must he think of me? There was no way I could continue travelling with him. We were only casual, and he put a stop to it, but I should have at least waited for us to go our separate ways before being with someone else. 

I know why I did it, it’s because he turned me down. And in my drunken state I needed to reassure myself that I was still wanted. It’s a defence mechanism I guess but it just gets me in trouble and makes me feel shit in the morning.

We went back to the hostel and packed up our bags. Eric was back in the dorm and I felt awkward. I’m never good at the morning after. I didn’t really know what I was doing. Was I going to Penang with them? With Jeremey who obviously had issues with me. With the 2 NZ lads who I didn’t even know their names. With Ashley who is funny but slightly annoying. I didn’t even want to go to Penang yet. They only had a week in Malaysia but I have nearly 5 so I don’t have to go so quick.

Ashley left the dorm and said she’d see me downstairs. Great. Now I was alone with Eric and had to say goodbye. Luckily he just gave me a hug and said he might see me in Penang. He had another night booked at the Reggae Mansion.

No one was downstairs yet so i dumped my stuff by the chair. When checking out I needed my towel in order to get my deposit back. I walked back up the stairs and then as I walked back out the dorm, I met Jeremey in the hall. He looked awkward and said he thought it was best if we did our own thing. Relief flooded over me. I said I agreed. He wished me well on my travels and said if I was ever in NZ to give him a shout which I thought was nice. I said the same about England and we had a hug.

I went back downstairs where my stuff was. I needed to figure out what to do next. The WiFi wasn’t working which was a pain as I couldn’t do anything.

I was sat in reception when they all came down, Jeremey smiled and waved but Ashley just walked straight out the door with the other 2, blanking me. I guess Jeremey had told them everything and they were less than impressed. Understandably. 

I was too hungover to come up with a plan. I checked back in and went back upstairs, climbed into Eric’s bed and went to sleep.

We woke about 3pm and ventured out for food. I didn’t tell him what happened, just that I didn’t want to go to Penang.

I text Jeremey, saying sorry I had been such a twat last night and that I hoped he had a great time travelling. He responded after a few hours to say it was OK and thank you, as well as wishing me luck on my travels.

I don’t know who I was last night but it wasn’t me and it wasn’t Sazzle.


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