Fun Times

Feeling fun.

Ashley, Jeremey and I got up early and left the hostel by 9.30am in a taxi to Sunway City Adventure Park.

It took about an hour and we arrived just after it had opened.

It was a huge adventure park, with a wildlife park, water park, Nickelodeon area and rides.

We first went to the wildlife park,  where they had white tigers, white lions, a black panther, bears, monkeys and birds. The cages for the big cats were very small and one of the bears was pacing. I didn’t like how little space they had.

We walked round to the Nickelodeon section which had some water slides. I’m not a rides person, and refused to go on any that had a vertical drop. The other 2 went on them all, but I’m quite used to sitting with the bags.

Ashley and I went on a 4 person ride, with a big round inflatable boat thing. We were on it with a huge man and his tiny son. I’m not sure the weight was evenly distributed as there were times going round corners that we nearly flipped. It was quite scary and I just hate the feeling in my tummy!

They went on a few more rides and then we came across across an archery stand. We had a go but none of us got bullseye.

We had burger king for lunch. I’ve never eaten so many fast food meals than in the past few days with these two. Although in have to admit the cheeseburger was so good.

Over lunch, Ashley and I discussed continuing together. Jeremey had admitthelready invited me to continue up north with him once his friends joined him from New Zealand. 

Ashley was keen and so I agreed I’d travel north to the Cameron Highlands with them. This was my next stop anyway, just admitthelready few days late.

After lunch, they did a few more rides. I went on one which was horrible and scary!

We then headed to the “beach” and had a relaxing swim in the huge swimming pool there. We were in it for hours, just floating around.

When we finally got out, it was 5.50pm! We had stayed at the park all day, with it closing at 6pm.

We all agreed it had been a great day and lots of fun. Even though it was the school holidays it wasn’t busy at all. Plus, it was so clean, spotless!

We got a taxi back to the hostel and all went for showers (separately).

Just before meeting for dinner, Jeremey messaged me to say that if I was going to be travelling with him for a bit, he would prefer us to just stay friendly. He is not good at casual and thinks a week together would make saying goodbye too difficult. 

I thought it was a bit weird but replied to say it was fine to stay friendly. I wondered if he actually had a girlfriend and now that his mates would be joining us, he was scared.

We met downstairs and Jeremey had invited a Danish girl to dinner with us. He had met her a few days before and she had then returned to the hostel. (Hmm…maybe she was the reason for the sudden friends only rule?)

We went back to China Town and ate at the same place. I had lemon chicken with rice and it was OK, a bit cold due to a mix up.

We sat up on the roof terrace and mainly the Danish girl and Jeremey talked. She had previously lived in KL but had no secret spots for us to visit, just the Petronas Towers! 

Ashley and I headed to bed, tired after a busy day.

I had no messages to meet in the bathroom, and I didn’t message Jeremey either.

I don’t know why but it’s made me miss him more. Maybe it’s the feeling of rejection again. Maybe it’s because I didn’t even want Jeremey in the first place. Maybe it’s that Sazzle won’t resurface without him, and only him.


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