City loving

Feeling naughty.

My journey to the airport back in Sri Lanka was good, we chatted all the way and arrived 3 hours before my flight. They only allow entry 2 hours before so we stopped in a car park just next to the airport for a bit.

My flight was easy, so glad to just have the direct flight. I landed in Kuala Lumpur and got a taxi to the hostel. It took just under an hour, the taxi driver had no idea where it was and kept asking me directions. As if I knew! In the end he had to call his friend to get Google maps up and direct him.

Dorms KL2 was a nice hostel, it had tea and coffee in the kitchen and a large sitting room with a big TV and lots of sofas. 

The bedroom was compact but comfortable. I was in a female dorm of 6 and got the top bunk opposite the bathroom door. I was surprised to have an ensure and so happy to have warm water! 

The first night I sat downstairs for a bit after a much needed shower. There were a mix of people from teenagers to even a 60 year old. I ate rice crackers and a lycee Fanta (delicious). My head was heavy and I could feel a migraine coming so I gave in and went to bed about 9pm.

I slept well and woke to the bathroom light which shone right onto my bed. It was gone 8am though so it was OK. 

I got up and showered and went exploring. It felt so strange to be in a city after the village life of Sri Lanka. 

The cars don’t beep here and it’s much more civilised. The roads are clean and there are pavements to walk on.

I made my way to Petaling Street Market,  which is in China Town. It is a busy place with stalls everywhere and the stall holders shouting out for you to look at their wares. There was everything fake you could think of. Clothes, jewellery, perfume, gadgets, shoes, toys, bags, all looking pretty real – I couldn’t tell the difference! 

I wondered round and found a beautiful skirt, not pretending to be a designer label but just a nice skirt. I got him down from 50 ringet to 30 which is about £1.50.

For lunch I stopped in the middle of the market where there was a food hall. There were all different stalls offering noodles, rice, meats and all different foods. I ordered and lemon chicken and watermelon juice and sat down at and table.

The food came freshly cooked and it was delicious, although it was just a plate of lemon chicken, no rice.

I made my way back to the hostel and passed an incredible building on the way. It was 3 storeys high and was covered in such detailed artwork, figures of different Gods and people.

Back in the hostel, I met Sian (Canada) in the dorm who invited me for drinks with a few others that evening. 

I had a rest and then decided to go to see the Patronus Towers. Google said it was a 40 minute walk but Sian said it only took her 20 minutes.

I had a look at the route and set off. I went wrong somewhere and ended up further away from where I started! 

It was boiling and fed up, so I hopped into a taxi instead.

The Patronas Towers are pretty impressive. They are twin towers, joined with a small platform near the bottom. Inside one of the towers is a mall, which I walked round for a bit. There was a Marks and Spencer Food but no Percy Pigs! The shops were all designers labels and way too high for my budget.

The other tower is an office block so I didn’t go in there. I took some photos from outside and then headed back to the hostel, determined to make it on foot.

I met Sian, Ashley (uk) and Jeremy (NZ) and we went out for dinner and drinks. Ashley’s friend was in a bar and so we met up with her. 

The bar had a ladies offer of free drinks if you bought food. We ordered pizza and I had a gin and tonic. Poor Jeremy had to pay for his drinks. 

We had a few in there, they were fun people and we got on well. Ashley’s friend had been fliring with the owner’s son to get free drinks without buying food. Having been giving him all the signals all night, she was then shocked when he tried to kiss her, and then that he reacted badly.

Ashley got involved and spoke to him like a dog, pointing and saying no. Jeremy was keeping quiet as they guy would have no problem in hitting a man. He started towards Jeremy and Ashley pushed him away.

We quickly left and Ashley was giving it all, saying she’d hit him in the neck and was ready to punch him. What he did was wrong, but her friend had been cuddling and flirting with him all evening so I’m not surprised.

Back at the hostel, we got a few beers and sat up on the roof terrace. Sian and Ashley went to bed, Jeremy and I stayed up a bit chatting about our travel plans and life back home. He’s a lawyer who is travelling for 5 months.

We headed to bed about 1am, adding each other on Facebook before we parted.

By 1.30am there was a huge storm happening outside and we were in the shower together on the 2nd floor. It was frantic and fun, and felt very naughty.

We dried off and snuck back to our own dorms. I fell asleep straight away and didn’t wake until 9am.

Waking up I felt strange. A little guilty. A little sad. Was this me accepting that we weren’t going to get back together? Was this me moving on? After we first broke up, the thought of anyone else made me feel sick. I had fun, but it didn’t mean anything. I had no feelings for this guy. He was handsome but my tummy didn’t flutter, not like he used to make it. 

When I think about him now, I think I’m numb. I can’t take the pain anymore and so I’ve shut down. There is a longing for him to contact me, but I’m being good and not contacting him. I miss him. Even having just had sex with someone else, I miss him and I hate it.

Sazzle loved sex, maybe this is the way to get her back.


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