Nearly time to go

Feeling ready. 

My last few days in Sri Lanka went by so quickly. With the new people that had arrived in the house, it was more clicky than ever. They became a group and didn’t mix with us much. There were only 6 of us ‘originals’ left and we grouped together. 

I saw a change in Alex, she was becoming more friendly and even gave me a random hug. She is very blunt and will say exactly what she is thinking, which for some was too much. She made enemies in the house and this made it awkward, especially as one of them was Meg, a lovely girl who was always so smiley. However with me, she was fine. There was always mitred sad moment when she said she didn’t have friends at home, but she counted me as a friend. I thought this was very sweet and I was glad she felt I was a friend. 

On Wednesday, we were able to go back to elephants but not into the lake. It took 2 hours to get there as we had to go on the coastal road as the expressway was still flooded. We cleared the beds as usual and then instead of walking them to the lake, the mahout lay her down on her bed. We used buckets of water to wash her. She didn’t seem relaxed like she is in the lake, and I guess the concrete floor is not comfortable and it must have been so hot for her. When it was time for her to turn over, she took 10 minutes to lie back down.

We travelled back the same way and I was glad I had Gillian to talk to as the new volunteers are so annoying! They were having some stupid conversation about love, and that heartbreak is all in the head. It made me so angry but I couldn’t join in as I know it would be an argument. 

We had a chilled afternoon at the house and then we decided to go to Hiros for icecream after tea. It started off as just a few of us, Jemma, Labelle, Gillian and Alex. Then Meg, Becky and Mayce joined our plans as the ‘originals’ and then in the end we had everyone in the house coming along, except the Canadians who had gone out for dinner.

I messaged the group to ask for tuk tuks and Nalaka said they closed at 8pm. I explained there were 23 of us going and he called them to ask them to stay open.  He messaged back to say they would be only icecream, not chicken or burgers. This was fine as we were eating dinner at the house.  However, Alex stormed out the dining room and then messaged to say she wasn’t going. She hadn’t eaten as she was going to have a burger at hiros. It was quite an over reaction and when we went down to the bedroom she was sulking in her bed, with towels hung around her.

I asked if she had changed her mind and that I thought she should come. She just said no in a very stern voice so I left it.

We had fun, we were a huge long table and even Emma and Colby the coordinators joined us. I had a scoop of Mars icecream and it was delicious. It was fun to be out and chatting with everyone and boy funny things that had happened over the past 4 weeks.

When we got back to the house, Alex was asleep with a pillow over her head.

Thursday was my last day, and it felt so strange to be thinking about leaving. I had become so settled here, moving on feels scary. I haven’t made much of a plan for Malaysia, in fact no plan at all really except the first 3 nights! I think I’ll just see who I meet and where it takes me.

I went to elephants for the last time, king mahout was really happy which was nice. We had a male elephant arrive as well, he was massive! Half the group washed him but I stayed with my old gal Madumi. When we were feeding them, we were able to take photos with the male, he was very friendly and enjoyed the attention.

I got back to the house and after a quick shower a few of us went back to Hiros for lunch. Alex had cheered up and finally got her chicken burger. I had 3 pieces of fried chicken alkyd it was so good.

We then went to the cash point and just as I had clicked yes to have a reciept the machine turned off! It gave me back my card but no money. I waited for it to reboot, which it did slowly and then it just had a login screen. 

I had been trying to take out 7000 rupees for my taxi to the airport which is about £35.

I went into the bank and they made me wait for about 20 minutes. Not sure what I was waiting for as they came over and said it easy working now. I thought they were figuring out if the money had been taken from my account. They were so unhelpful and I got in a strop! 

I tried looking at my balance, but it showed more than what I had been sent on my weekly update from the bank so I have no idea if the money was taken or not. Anyway, I needed the money so I had to withdraw it again.

The next stressful thing was to print my boarding pass! The office at the house was out of ink so I had to go to a print shop. After trying to plug in my phone we finally figured it out and I got it printed by emailing the pdf to them. Phew!

Next thing on the list was packing. Urgh! It took me about an hour and it was so hot and annoying. The cupboard is right next to the bedroom door and people kept coming in and out, hitting me and my stuff.

I was finally done and so had a shower and got ready for our evening out in Hikka. It was Jemma, Labelle, Gillian and Alex. We arrived about 7pm and hit the shops. I got a lilac crop top with the peace symbol on it and then found some beautiful tie round trousers which are white with a pattern on and pink at the bottom, as well as a pink elephant playsuit. I started haggling with the woman and got her down from 2800 to 2500 but then when I started to count my money I only had 2000! With the tuk tuks and my other top I had spent more than I thought! I ended up borrowing 500 from Jemma! 

We started to walk along to the bar, Alex had said she would buy me a drink as I had no money and it was my last night!

Jemmy and Labelle spent and gesture looking at rings and in the end we left them there and met them and met them at the bar.

I ordered a small beer, whilst the others got food too. I had no money so had sacrificed my dinner on clothes! 

Some others from the house arrived, the group it newbies. They came over to us and said they wouldn’t fit at our table and so left to sit on their own. Bit rude! 

We only had one drink and then it was 10pm already and time to go home. Jemma and it made sure we were in the same tuk tuk, as this would be our last journey together.

Back at the house, we sat on the balcony for a bit, even Alex. Labelle was being weird and pretending she was drunk, even though she had only had one beer.

It was funny, having been in this house for 4 weeks with Becky,  who I’d count as a friend and had chatted a lot with, she didn’t know about my trip and so we started talking about that. The girls were so cute and said that I was an inspiration and very brave! Darcie said that when she was 28 she hoped she was like me!!

Alex decided to go to bed so we hugged goodbye and said we would keep in touch, the same with Gillian and Labelle.

Jemma and I moved to the sofa, waiting for midnight when it was Meg’s birthday. We sat with her head on my lap again and I stroked her hair. 

Nalaka came and sat by me, and said he had a surprise for me. He was going to drive me to the airport which I was happy about. We would be able to chat on the way instead of sitting with a stranger.

It finally got to midnight and we sang happy birthday to Meg and then we went to bed. 

My alarm was set for 4am so I didn’t have long to sleep!

Looking forward to Malaysia, getting my freedom back but I will miss the girls! And the elephants. 

I feel more normal than when I arrived in Sri Lanka,  and a whole lot better than when I arrived in Goa. Maybe with every country I am healing more and I will soon be Sazzle.


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