My Girls

Feeling traumatised. 

Yesterday we woke to heavy rain again. We had breakfast as usual, and hoped projects would be on as it was Rhian and Jenny’s last day. 

The coordinators text to say the turtles were flooded and needed our help to clear the mess. 

Elephants was available but only to clean the beds and then come back. 

Rhian and I decided to go and help at the turtles, it sounded more productive and it also meant we would spend our last day together as a squad. 

We all got tuk tuks to the turtle sanctuary, and the whole place was a foot underwater. 

We were set the task of picking up all the leaves from in the water, a strange job which later became clear that it was so the pump didn’t get blocked. 

Once we had cleared the leaves it was business as usual, cuttings up fish and then feeding the turtles. We basically got a free day pass to turtles again!

When it was time to go Jenny got emotional and gave the coordinators a hug. One was not into hugs and tried to escape! They have her a necklace to thank her for her hard work which was cute. 

We headed back to the house and showered to get rid of the fish smell. 

After lunch, Rhian had to pack and the rest of us just chilled. I had a nap and it was so good! I even woke myself up with a snore!

At 4pm we started to get ready for our last evening together. We put music on and Jemma did my makeup.

Jenny was in a bit of a bad mood. She had got into that frame of mind where she just wanted to be home. But she had a 40 hour journey in between.

It was the four of us plus Alex going for dinner. Jenny was grumpy about this too but she actually invited Alex so not sure why!

We arrived in Hikkaduwa and started to walk along the shops as Jenny wanted a skirt. Jemma had got a skirt on our first trip but couldn’t remember from which shop. 

Jenny had a little tantrum and then said she didn’t want to do anymore shopping after the first shop. She stormed off down the road. 

I understand that she was stressed about going home but this was Rhian’s last night as well. It wasn’t fair for her to bring a downer on it. 

We got to the restaurant and they dried and laid a table for us. 

The menu was big with lots of sea food and slightly Chinese style dishes. I decided on roasted chicken and chips, with a beer!

As we were ordering they told Jenny they didn’t have any vegetable curry. Uh oh! 

Another strop! As a vegetarian her options were limited. However she had eaten chicken just the week before so we knew it wasn’t impossible. After dismissing every vegetarian dish on the menu, I suggested she ordered a chicken curry and a side of boiled vegetables, making her own vegetable curry! 

The waiter came back over, obviously aware of her strop and said the chef would create something for her. Phew!

We had fun chatting, Jenny finally cheering up. The food came and it was delicious. I had half a chicken in an onion and garlic gravy and salty chips. All the girls were pleased with their meals, Jenny had a whole selection of vegetarian dishes. 

We ordered pudding too, banana pancakes with ice cream. It was so good!

After we finished, it was a bit awkward. Jenny wanted to go home to bed and then get up at 11.45pm ready for her flight. We were staying up so that we could wave her off and so didn’t want to go home just yet. 

In the end Jenny and Alex headed home and the rest of us stayed. It was so lovely just chatting with Rhian and Jemma, laughing and making plans for seeing each other again. 

We had more drinks and by the time 10pm came we were quite drunk! We got into the tuk tuk and started singing along to the music and taking selfies.

We got to the house and had a game of cards against humanity with some of the Canadian girls. The time went quickly and it was then time to wake Jenny. 

We came upstairs and she was already up. The security guard took her bag down and I plaited her hair for the last time. 

It was then time for her to go and none of us knew what to do. She said goodbye to the other people in the lounge and then there was nothing left to do but say goodbye to us. 

We all embraced as a group and then individual hugs with Jenny. We were crying, but also laughing at us crying. We went downstairs and all hugged again. It was horrible. 

As Jenny got into the bus, the 3 of us held each other as we waved her off. The bus drove away and more tears! 

We came upstairs and sat on the sofa together. Jemma lay down on my lap and then Rhian on the other side. I stroked their hair and felt so much love for these girls it was overwhelming.

The bond we have is so strong and I will miss them so much. Their happiness and joy for life has really helped me and I have been genuinely smiling when with them.

When we were chatting on the sofas I admitted to them why I was travelling alone. I didn’t go into the full story but they were very sweet and Rhian said although it was horrible, in a selfish way she was glad as otherwise we would never have met. 

We went to bed about 2am, all still sad and dreading the morning. 

I woke up feeling tired and bit hungover. It was the first morning I hadn’t woken up at 6am, but instead felt I could go back to sleep for longer. 

However, it was 7.30am and Rhian was already up, and ready for breakfast. 

Jemma and I rolled out of bed and joined her upstairs. As it was Saturday, one of the coordinators was making French toast which we had with Nutella. 

Rhian ate quickly and went back to finish packing. Alex joined us for breakfast, and then a new girl too. I felt bad as we were in such a sad mood and so not the best introduction. Jemma explained that our friend was leaving. 

We finished our breakfast and Jemma and I got up to go down. Alex also got up even though she was still eating. We then felt awkward leaving Olivia on her own. Jemma stayed with her whilst Alex popped down to say goodbye again.

The taxi arrived and I felt a huge lump in my throat. Rhian was the first person I met at the airport and we have been together ever since. We just totally clicked and she is such a wonderful person.

I hugged Rhian and felt her sob, it was heartbreaking. We were all crying, and in that moment I wanted to go home. 

Rhian got into the taxi and we stood crying. We waved her off and then turned to each other and hugged. 

We went upstairs and got straight onto my bed, cocooned in my pink palace. We sat crossed legged together, wiping our eyes and calming down.

I am so glad Jemma is here for another week with me. I don’t know what I would have done if she was leaving too. I think I might have left early and explored Sri Lanka a bit by myself. 

We fell asleep for a bit, top to tail on my bed.

Once we woke up, we decided to go to Mirissa. We couldn’t stay and mope at the house for our last weekend. 

Sazzle is in here, and the more I smile, the closer she gets. 


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