Spider before the Storm 

Feeling jumpy. 

Last night I slept so much better, the air con was up to 25 degrees and I was under my sheet. 

My ear is still ringing but it doesn’t feel so bad. Fingers crossed it’s getting better. 

We had breakfast and off to elephants we went. There were less people as the new elephant volunteers were on the elephant safari trip. 

We had 2 elephants and the King Mahout was back from his illness. It was really humid and I felt tired quickly. I wasn’t really in the mood by the time we were walking with the them. 

We reached the lake and as soon as the elephant got into the water she did a huge wee! Great!

We climbed in and started scrubbing. The mahout was grumpy, no longer smiling. 

Even the elephants were in a jittery mood, with our elephant half sitting up at one point when a child screamed and a van went passed at the same time. 

I think this is because there was a storm due, which is going on right now. Huge flashes of light and loud claps of thunder, along with torrential rain. It’s now 11pm and it’s been going on for about an hour. We have just lost wifi, but so far the electrics are ok so it’s not hot. 

One of the Canadian girls told a day pass volunteer to stroke the elephants head. I told him not to, as the elephants head is only for the mahout. He was the other end of the elephant and so would have no control over the elephant and it could have all gone wrong!

We were quite slow at scrubbing, finding it tiring in the humidity, almost difficult to breathe with the air so heavy. 

We fed her, cucumbers and papaya, and then got into the bus. With so many more of us we use an uncomfortable minibus and it’s much more difficult to sleep. 

I had just fallen asleep when we the arrived home! 

Straight into lunch of Dahl and roti (again) and then we changed in to comfy dry clothes. 

Jemma and Labelle had been on the elephant trip and so they were tired when they returned at 2pm. We just chilled in our room, it’s much cooler even in the day without the air con on now. 

We were sat on the floor, Jemma painting my nails, Rhian, Alex and Labelle chatting. Jenny had gone for a nap. 

Alex suddenly shrieked and looked to her side. There was a HUGE spider crawling on the floor, about a foot away from us. 

I jumped up, panic filled me. The spider was inbeteeen me and the door and I knew I couldn’t be in the room when they picked it up. 

I felt sick and shaky. I told Rhian I needed to get out and she told me to go for it, the spider had gone under the suitcase. 

I ran out and locked myself in the bathroom. I knew I couldn’t watch or make a fuss. From experience this then causes people to ‘joke’ with it and pretend to throw it. 

Nalaka came up and took it away with a cup and some card. I felt jumpy and so we sat on the balcony, I had my feet up on a chair. 

Someone touched my foot and I jumped a mile, and tears sprung to my eyes. I think the girls were shocked at how scared I was, but they took pity on me and told everyone to stop talking about spiders. 

I did Jenny’s hair to take my mind off it, a French fishtail! 

Dinner was omelette and vegetables which was good.

Still feeling jumpy we sat on the balcony but then moved into the bedroom when it started raining. 

There was no way I was sitting on the floor so I perched on the side of the bed. We played cards against humanity and had a giggle. 

G has been back in contact, it’s weird how he comes and goes even though he knows I’m on the other side of the world! He’s getting cheekier!

C is still in a ping pong conversation, just a continuous back and forth. He’s asked me to go home again to which I’ve obviously said no! Even if I was home, it would be a no. 

We have just had the biggest storm I have ever seen. There was just flash after flash of lightening and the loudest thunder I’ve ever experienced. It was very dramatic!

A rather scary day, not sure Sazzle would have liked it. 


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