Sari Social

Feeling fun. 

We had air conditioning fitted in the bedrooms and our first night with it was awful! I knew this would happen! We were used to the warmth, and with a fan each it really wasn’t bad at all. 

The air con was put on 16 degrees and we had no remote to change the temperature. It was so cold. I changed from shorts to long trousers, and slept under my Turkish towel as a blanket. 

I had an awful night sleep, freezing and a sore throat. 

I woke at 6am and had a really blocked ear. It felt like it needed to pop but as hard as I tried it wouldn’t.

I went up for breakfast at 7.30am but couldn’t hear anything from my ear. It was uncomfortable and annoying. 

The girls were sweet, asking what they could do and if I wanted to go to the doctors. They didn’t know what to do, they said it was like when their mum was ill!

After the few bad nights, and annoying ear, I didn’t feel like going to elephants. I decided to try and sleep to see if that would make my ear better. 

I managed to sleep and then when I woke up, I had a constant noise in my ear. Great!

The girls came back from projects and sat with me. I didn’t feel like lunch and so stayed in bed. 

They again suggested I go to the doctors, but I said I’d wait it out. It could just be a result of the cold from the weekend trip. 

We spent the afternoon sitting around on the sofas and on the balcony. We just chatted and ate snacks. 

It was a Sari Social tonight, where everyone who owned a sari was to put it on and then we were having a group evening. 

We didn’t have saris, they are beautiful but it’s not something I will wear back home and it will take a lot of room in the backpack! 

Quite a few girls did have saris and they all needed help putting them on by the sisters. 

Dinner was delayed whilst everyone got dressed and then they couldn’t walk or sit in their saris! 

After dinner we were called to the roof, where speakers had been set up and a light. 

They started playing loud music, and some people were dancing. 

It took a while to get going, but we were all dancing and laughing.

There is a definite divide in the house with different groups, The Girls (obnoxious and bitchy), The Canadians (funny and loud), The Newbies (all sticking together) and us (actual friends).

It was a very funny night, with crazy dancing and teaching my girls to twerk! It was strange to be sober, but we had such a good time we didn’t need alcohol. 

My ear was still playing up but it felt less full. 

The music finished about 10pm as the neighbours houses are very close, but we had been up there a few hours so we were happy to go inside. 

I’m looking forward to going for a night out with my girls when I get back. I really think they will be friends I will see when I get back, and keep in touch whilst I’m away. They are already talking about coming out to where ever I am in December for a week or two. That would be amazing. 

I think dancing and laughing was just what I needed. After a rubbish morning and unsettled few days, it felt good to just let go and be silly. 

Maybe silly is the way to Sazzle. 


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