Bye Bye Goa

Feeling ready.

I am at the airport, I have got through check in and security. It’s very quiet, only about 20 people here, but my flight is the only one listed on the board so there can’t be any more flights until later.

Last night Celine and I had an early dinner at Viva Panjim. We shared a paneer butter masala with goan bread and treated ourselves to a beer as well as pudding. 

Pudding was weird. We had caramel pudding which is not a texture I like and we also had a goan pudding which was thin strips of a cake jelly type thing and it tastes of nutmeg. It surprised me by being hot, as it looked like it should be cold. It was OK, I wouldn’t have it again.

We were back at the hostel by 8.30pm and I knew I had to pack. I decided to have a shower first and had half rinsed the shampoo when the water turned off. I just had to put it in a bun!

I seemed to have gained stuff but I know I haven’t. Packing was so difficult but I finally got everything in the backpack again.

I got into bed about 10pm hoping for an early night. I was finally alone in the dorm! This was a good thing as my alarm was set for 4am ready to get the taxi at 4.30am with Celine.

Annoyingly sleep did not come! I drifted off at about 2am but was awake again by 3am. I was so hot and just feeling anxious about the flight and new experience at the volunteer place.

I passed the time reading and chatting to friends back home, and J in New Zealand who was going through a drunken heart issue. I like that he feels he can talk to me about it. J is actually one of his friends but he is like my little brother and he is a good listener when I’m ranting and feeling sad. I’m glad J counts me as one of his own friends and even feels I am the only one he can confide in and ask for advice. I’m not sure I’m the best person to give advice as my relationship history is a mess but he seems to trust it!

So a little summary from my time in Goa:

South Goa – chilled, paradise beaches

North Goa – chaotic, party town

Panjim – relaxed, city life with totally different feel

Animals – If you don’t like dogs, you won’t like India. They are everywhere – on the beaches, on the roads. They will approach and some will bark or try to lick you.

The same goes for cows, they are sacred animals here and roam free on the roads and beaches. They come first and you cannot run them over! They mostly ignore people, although the odd one can take exception – Nellie had one cross the road just to head butt her in the back!

There are also lots of ants and mosquitos. I haven’t seen any spiders yet, or anything too scary!

Food – most of the places have the same huge menu. They have everything including Chinese, Pizza, Mexican, chicken with chips and of course Indian. They are all ok but nothing special. The best meal I have had by far was the cashew curry in the Little World restaurant in Palolem. This has a much smaller menu but it was individual.

Drinks – Feni is the traditional liquor of Goa. The cashew burns and is very strong. The coconut is a lot easier to drink and it actually has a coconut flavour. 

Locals – the local people are fascinated with white people. They will stare and they will ask for selfies. We said yes to a few and they don’t just take one picture, more like 10 with different poses and people! If it is a crowded place, best to say no otherwise you will be having photos with everyone!

They spend their weekends on the beaches and so Saturday and Sunday will be busier. The woman sit in their clothes on the shore line, in about a foot of water. The men have play fights rolling around in the sand and will go slightly deeper in the water. It seems actual swimming is not something many can do. 

Apart from the crazy dog night, the only time I have been scared is when being stopped by the police!

My flight is now boarding!

Sazzle could be hiding in Sri Lanka! 


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