Bye-bye Lea

Feeling solo.

After the beach we had some chill time at the hostel. Just lying on our beds, listening to our own music, catching up on social media and my blog.

With it being so warm, it does make you tired and neither of us had slept well for the last few nights so we both fell asleep.

We stired about 7pm and showered ready for dinner, both putting on dresses and we even brushed our hair! (Only the second time I have done this since leaving the UK!)

When I had been researching Goa before leaving, I had listed Black Sheep Bistro as somewhere to try. It is recommended in Lonely Planet and also Anurag said it was really good. Lea was up for trying it, especially after I told her there were cocktails!

I consulted the map and it was only a 15 minute walk away from the hostel and quite an easy route. We found it with no problem and as soon as we walked through the door, we could have been at home. It felt so different to any of the other places we had been to in India. It was cool with air conditioning and fans, there were tables laid with linen napkins, wine glasses and candles. The decor was quite dark and it felt ‘fancy’. 

We were shown to a table for two and given the menu. They have a selection of tapas/starters (200-300rp each) or mains (300-500rp each).

Lea immediately said she was going to have the paella but then back tracked as it was 510rp. She was tempted by the salads but they were starters. I chose the Bistro Pork which was barbecue pulled pork on top of chips with a fried egg, spring onions and cheese (290rp). It was very non-Indian but it sounded delicious! Lea went with the paella in the end, pushing the boat out on her last night.

For drinks I ordered a blush cocktail, rum with fresh pomegranate juice, lime and sugar. It was so fresh and fruity. Lea ordered a soda water first and then the same cocktail after a frown from me!

The food was divine! It was so tasty and I ate everything from my plate. Lea’s paella disappeared very quickly and she then ordered a red salad that she had been tempted with! Having her main before her starter.

We decided to go for pudding rather than amother cocktail, and shared the chocolate lava cake and churros between us (190rp each). The chocolate was so amazing, we were very happy! 

The bill came and annoyingly the taxes were not included on the menu prices and so there were over 400rp of taxes to be added. 

The whole bill came to 2500rp which is the most expensive meal we have had by far in Goa.  However, it was a 3 course meal with a cocktail and the standard and quality of food was so much higher than anywhere else we had eaten. The cost of that in the UK would have been at least three times as much if not more.

We walked back, looking out for a small bar where we could get a cheap drink on the way back but we didn’t pass any and we were both so full I don’t think we needed it.

Back at the hostel, we sat in the communal area in the coffee shop. There were a few people down there but no one was speaking. An Indian girl came in and joined our table, she is from Goa and is back for a visit. She was very lovely and was excited by my travel plans.

We headed to the dorm, still just the two of us occupying it.

Although full, we both stayed up chatting for about another 2 hours, getting into a deep discussion about a personal decision that Lea is trying to make. I felt privileged that she felt she could share this with me and trusted my opinion.

We eventually got into bed, with Lea having to be up early for her journey to the airport at 10am.

I was on the top bunk this time. I though it would be cooler, with the fan only just over a foot above me to the left but I was wrong. I think because I was so close there wasn’t enough time for the air to cool and it missed me.

I was so hot. Sweating even worse than at Prison hostel. I fell into a diturbed sleep, unable to cool down. I woke properly at 3am and I was so clammy and my hair was wet with sweat. Yuk! I clambered down the ladder and splashed cold water on my face.

Lying back in bed, it had not made much difference but I managed to nod off again having very strange dreams about people I used to work with and my childhood home.

We had breakfast upstairs in the coffee shop, which is a nice space with leather chairs and sofas with coffee tables as well as a large table to eat at. 

Breakfast is included in the hostel rate and is either toast, boiled eggs, banana and a hot drink or a more traditional Goan breakfast of curry and bread. We opted for the backpacker option. 

Whilst there, Sequoia from USA joined us and chatted about Goa and his experience as an exchange student in Germany as a kid. Lea had got very engrossed in the conversation and so I had to remind her about leaving.

We hurried to the dorm where she packed up her things, somehow having only arrived yesterday she had unpacked everything everywhere!

Before leaving she wanted a final coffee and so sat with her backpack on in the coffee shop! 

We walled down to the taxi/rickshaw stand and I joked that she could get a tuk-tuk. A driver called out to her and offered her 900rp to the airport. We had been told 700 rp was airport good price and so declined and walked away when he refused to budge.

At the stand, a tuk-tuk driver offered her 550rp to the airport! We didn’t think they would travel that far but he was willing and so she agreed.

We had a hug and didn’t really say too much. I felt sad that she was leaving, I’m back to being alone.

I’m sure I will meet more people at this hostel, and if not I am happy to explore by myself for a bit. Sri Lanka is going to be 4 weeks with people and so maybe a couple of solo days will be good for me, good for Sazzle.



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