Prison Escape!

Feeling rebellious.

We had originally booked to stay in the prison hostel for 2 nights, and then on our 1st morning we had extended this to 4 in total so that Lea would not have to move again before she travel to the airport on Sunday morning. But after staying for a second night we decided we could stay until Sunday. We spoke to the receptionist and asked to cancel the 4th night. She at first said no, but after we argued she gave in and refunded us the 400rp each. Phew! 

Last night was ridiculously dull.

We had a late dinner at a little restaurant, neither of us overly hungry I just had a chicken spring roll.

However after our ice cream craving earlier we were both still wanting something sweet. We had seen on the Goa’s Ark menu that they had a special of chocolate mousse and so we went back for pudding.

We had a beer and the pudding, which was a very dense thick mousse and really rich. The same waiter from the previous night was there and once we got up to pay he told us to sit down and gave us another complimentary ice cream with expresso shot. We were so full but couldn’t be rude and leave it so we ate it between us!

We got back to the hostel, planning to have few beers with the others and maybe head out after. The bus bar was shut and the garden empty!

We went inside and entered the dorm chatting and laughung but then stopped abruptly.  Everyone was in bed! Asleep! It was only 10pm and they were all sleeping. We quickly retreated and started laughing. This is THE party hostel of Goa and it’s the least ‘happening’ place we have stayed! The people staying are all a lot younger 

Unsure what to do as we were not in he mood to sleep, we bumped into the three H’s at the water machine and they were going to sit in the garden and so we joined them.

We had no drinks but just chatted about the hostel and how it seemed to attract very strange people!  

Just gone midnight the three H’s said they had to go bed as they were getting a taxi at 4am for the airport. We headed to bed too, but I was not tired. I read my book a bit more and listened to music until about 2am.

I woke early and carried on reading my book. I was feeling a bit sad, having had a dream probably brought on by the flash back of memories the previous day. It felt like a cloud over me and as I read my book which then came to a sad bit, the tears started.

It is the first time I have cried for a few days and I felt so stupid. Why can I not get over this? I’m sure he’s not crying into his pillow, I just wish I was stronger.

The others started to talk and stir, so I had to slip into the bathroom to pull myself together and wipe my eyes.

Lea was excited about leaving prison and was chatty over breakfast. This helped to take my mind off everything and snap me out of my cloud.

We had decided to go to Panjim (or Paniji) which is slightly south of Anjuna and more inland. It is the capital of Goa and has lots of culture with churches and temples. U was looking forward to a change of scenery and some city life.

After breakfast, Lea needed her proper coffee and so we went back to the Portuguese cafe for a drink and we treated ourselves to a Portuguese custard tart each was delicious. 

Lea asked if I had heard from him, which was strange as we hadn’t spoken about him for a few days. It’s as if she could tell he was on mind. I just shook my head and we left there. Luckily she could sense I couldn’t speak about him, not without crying.

We strolled back to the prison, agreeing that we would get a taxi to the bus stop and then bus over to Panjim.

The receptionist said the taxi to the bus stop was 400rp or a taxi right to Panjim was 600rp. It seemed ridiculous that it was only 200rp extra to save the hassle of the bus and having to change as well! We went with a taxi to take us all the way.

We sat in the hostel common room, where Rod and Olli were waiting until they left in the evening. Again they were spending all day inside the hostel!

The taxi arrived and we had an hour journey. The driver was the best I have experienced so far, a definite lack of beeping and overtaking compared to others.

We arrived at Old Quarter Hostel, which is again part of thehostelcrowd group. The entrance is a lovely air conditioned coffee shop and then the rooms are behind and upstairs. 

We were in a 4 bed female dorm, but no one else was booked in so we had the room to ourselves. This pleased Lea very much as she really didn’t enjoy the shared dorm type atmosphere, especially with mixed!

The room was hot, but I think that was just because the fan wasn’t on when we arrived and there hadn’t been anyone in there the previous night.

I suguested to Lea that we go and explore a bit of the city. She was leaving in the morning and so this would be her only chance. However, she wanted to go to the beach. I felt annoyed as we had just left the beach resort and the past 2 days she had complained about the beach at any given moment.

I didn’t even know if there was a beach near to us, we were inland now! I had a quick Google and found the nearest beach was 15 minutes drive or 45 minute walk. 

We got a tuk-tuk to Miramar Beach, which was outide of the city. We climbed up onto the sand from the road, and it was so very different from all other beaches we had been to in Goa.

There was not a single hut to buy drink or food, not a sun bed in sight and we were the only western people.

We walked far down the beach to where there were only a few people. I felt very self concious that we were going on be in bikinis. The Indian men swim in shorts and some where a vest, the Indian ladies wear full clothes, covered head to toe. 

We decided to strip off our shorts and tshirt as quick as we could and run to the sea and submerge. Once we were under the water no one could see what we were wearing.

We stayed in the water for well over an hour, bobbing about and laughing at the experiences we have had together and the people we have met.

I am so glad to have met Lea, we are so compatible and just as chilled as each other.  The past few days she has been a bit down heartened and longing for home, but I do understand. She has been travelling and away from home for so long, and now that it is so close she just wants to get there. We had so many laughs and so many good chats, I really hope we will stay in contact and meet back at either of our homes for a proper crazy night out! 

Hopefully, when I meet Lea again I will be Sazzle.


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