Grumpy in Goa

Feeling annoyed.

Oh dear, I woke up grumpy and it hasn’t got any better!

We have a new dorm mate, not sure of his name but he is from Germany and he is extremely odd. He arrived late last night, having previously stayed in this same hostel in February for a month. He had then moved to Kashmir and was back for 4 nights before his flight back home. 

He was obviously shocked that when he arrived we were all in bed as this was very different to high season. 

At breakfast, where we all had fried eggs on toast, he explained that he had to leave Goa as he needed to straighten up his head after being on LSD for a month. I would say it might have affected him on a long term basis as he is very strange.

Whilst we all sat round the table eating, he made a Skype call and was shouting to this boy, telling him not to cry and that he missed him too. It was awkward and quite rude. Jon then started to sing don’t cry for me Argentina which made us laugh. 

The call finished and he explained in Kashmir he stayed with a family and that was the son who missed him. 

The Canadian girls and Jon left on the shuttle bus to go down south. Oil and Rod said they didn’t know what they were doing (they seem to just lie on their beds all day, what a waste!)

I finally did some laundry, and it was so nice to have clean clothes!

We walked to the beach and chilled, reading and chatting. Lea went for walks down the beach.

There was a Russian man, clearly on drugs and wearing only a sarong, going up to everyone begging for money for a drink. The barman asked him to leave and explained he does this everyday and has been there for months. People were actually giving him money which was keeping him there. Disgusting. 

We went back to Goa’s Ark for lunch as it was such good food last night. What a mistake. We were running low on cash and so ordered a coke each and then I had a chicken burger and Lea had a veggie burger. This left us with 30rp spare before we went to a cash point.

My chicken burger was delicious although the salad was a bit wilted. Lea’s veggie burger however tasted and smelt off.  She complained as asked to swap to a chicken burger instead. This came once I had finished mine and then I realised we were 20rp short, as the chicken was 50rp more than the veggie.

Whilst Lea was eating my mind started to wonder and I ended up thinking about him. For some reason all I could think abut was the moment I found out, the moment my heart literally shattered and the same sick feeling returned. I actually thought I was going to vomit, it hit me so suddenly. I have had no contact with him still, and I thought that was helping. However today, being tired and already grumpy, it just felt horrible. I am pleased to say I didn’t cry, and I managed to speak to Lea about something else and push the memories from the forefront of my mind.

We thought about not  saying anything about the money and just leaving it short but we were honest and explained we would come back after going to the cash point. He was quite a grumpy waiter and I don’t think he believed us.

We went back to the hostel to have a shower after the beach and found the others in our dorm. They were all just lying on their beds. It was strange,  why aren’t they out exploring or at least sleeping at the beach if they’re tired?! They just spent all day inside. 

We walked to the cash point which took ages. Our grumpy moods not helped by the heat and then when I tried the machine it didn’t work. I was so annoyed, why wouldn’t it work. Lea had dollars to exchange and kindly offered to sub me until my bank sorted it out.

We then had to find a money exchange place, we went the wrong way back and so we got grumpier! 

Lea has really had enough of India, and actually of Asia, having spent 2 years teaching in Myanmar and is very ready to return too Ireland.  She keeps muttering about how much she hates it. I understand that she wants to go home but it’s starting to be slightly draining as I’m only just starting my adventure.

I really think 2 weeks in Goa is the right amount of time, a week in the south and then a week in the north. There isn’t enough to do for more than that, unless you love beaches. I do love the beach, but coming up to 3 weeks is a bit much. 

We finally exchanged Lea’s money and I found a cash point that worked. We needed ice cream to celebrate. We went into a Baskin Robbins and got totally confused. Lea asked for a mint choc chip but she just kept saying lemon at us! In the end we left and had a frappe at a cafe instead! Nothing today was going our well!

We admitted that we were having a bad day and that we were in bad moods. We thought maybe a bit of chill time before dinner would help.

We both put our headphones in and we are having just some time to ourselves. Ignoring the strange dorm people and just calming down from our rubbish day!

Hopefully this evening will be more exciting but we shall see! 

Grumpy Sazzle seems to be the only one I can find! 


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