Feeling subdued.

The whole dorm missed breakfast, which finsihed at 11am. Jon was the first to stir and we were all awake by 11.30am. 

I sat on the endge of my bed just waking up and coming to. Jon thought it was hilarious and kept commenting on it.

I eventually had a shower (1 shower for 10 people to share means there is quite a queue!) and got into a bikini and shorts.

The Canadian girls and Jon were going to hire a scooter and go to a beach. Lea and I both felt happy to just stay around here and walk. We are both a little shook up from the crash plus we have been to the beaches.

Our first decision was to get breakfast. We went to a cute Portuguese cafe, Nata and I had honey pancakes with a fruit salad. It was so good and the homemade lemonade was so refreshing. We ordered another drink and just chatted to each other.

We went to the beach and got a sunbed. Anjuna beach is not one of the best beaches, it’s quite busy and has quite dark water but it’s within walking distance.

We spent the afternoon at the beach and then admitted we were both hungry.

I found Goa’s Ark on trip advisor which we had walked past to the beach and it looked good. 

We stopped on our way back, choosing to just eat as we were rather than shower and come back out. 

The owner was from Israel and the menu was really interesting with barbecue steaks and salads. We had a vegetable Thali Meze which was 12 different dips and salads with bread and potato wedges. It was so tasty and flavoursome, with vegetables which we had seriously been lacking!

The waiter was really chatty and said Curlies was having a party that night after we said we had only been to Liliputs. 

He brought us a scoop of ice cream and an expresso shot to share on the house. It was delicious to have ice cream!

This is the only place we have left a tip. Tipping is not the norm over here but he was so friendly and chatty we both agreed to leave him 30rp.

We got back to the hostel and Jon was rounding everyone up for a pub quiz at the bus bar. We said we would shower and be down. Both lea and I said we were rubbish at general knowledge and in the heat my brain is definitely working at a slower pace! 

Typical Indian style, after Jon had got the required 12 people to compete in the quiz the quiz guy didn’t turn up!

Instead we sat round talking and drinking. I was feeling a bit out of it, Lea and the three h’s were deep in conversation about Ireland and the politics there but it’s just not my thing. I was happy to just zone out and be in my own world for a bit. 

About 11pm Rod said he was heading to bed. 10 minutes later we all decided to go up, leaving the three h’s again. Talk abut the party hostel!! What a damp squib!!

In the dorm, Rod had turned the fan to face his bed and not the rest of the room. Just showing how polite we all are, none of us said anything but got into our beds. It was so hot!

I woke throughout the night in a full sweat. We had opened the door but it just didn’t do anything. 

This morning I woke up tired and grumpy, and in a gross sweaty mess. 

Sazzle gets grumpy when she’s tired but not sure I want to find her in a grump!


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