Prison Admittance 

Feeling Par-Tay!

So, we moved to the prison hostel which is supposed to be THE party hostel of Goa.

On Wednesday morning we got up and packed our stuff. My bag seems to get heavier everytime I fill it!

We decided we would get a taxi in the afternoon so we could check straight in.

We had brunch and headed back to the guesthouse. We sat in the garden for a bit, enjoying the shade and just relaxing.

At about 1pm we decided to head down thwheguesthusehe road to get a taxi. It was only a 6 minute drive away and so it shul be cheap. 

We were walking in the heat of the day and my bag was so heavy. I can’t wait to get to the end of my Sri Lanka stay when a lot of my clothes will be dumped, along with a pair of trainers.

Normally you can’t walk more than 50 metres without someone offering a taxi. However we got all the way to the end of the road and had to wait around. A man came up and offered taxi to which we told him where we were going. He offered 300rp which we said no. We were looking to pay 100rp maximum. We finally agreed on 150rp and then he walked over to a moped!  We exclaimed there were 2 of us and bags and he thought he could take us one at a time! 

We laughed and said no! There were no other taxi drivers around, I guess as it was lunchtime. The man from thought he guesthouse had offered me a taxi before so I suguested we go back there and ask.

So we trudged back up the road and dumped our bags back outside the room. We were both hot and feeling a bit grumpy. 

Lea suguested we had a drink before we go to calm us down. We went to the bar where we had got drunk before and I had cried.

We ordered a long Island iced tea each and some water. 

3 drinks later and we were feeling quite tipsy. It was now 4pm and we headed back to the guesthouse and asked the man for a taxi.

He called his friend and said he would be here in 10 minutes. Perfect.

We arrived at Prison giggling and checked in. It really is like a prison – bars on the windows, mugshot photos on arrival, dorms that look like a cell. 

We met a few people in the same dorm, Ileash and Mary from Canada, Jon from Spain, Rod and Jess from England (Rod actually from Cheltenham) and Olli from Australia.

The Prison has an old London red bus as a bar and seats outside as the communal area.

We sat down there after dinner snd showering (glad to report no frogs!).

Here we met Hamish, Hughie and Hector, on holiday together from England and very well to do but nice to chat to.

We were excited for the night at Club Cabana but the barman said that the bus wasn’t running and it was an hours drive away. Rubbish! Taxis for all of us would have been too much so Rod suggested we go to a party he had seen that was within walking distance.

We all set off, chatting in small groups, lots of where are you from, how long are you in Goa and traveller questions.

We came out onto the beach, and saw Liliput Cafe a few bars down. That was where we were going!

Lea and I just laughed and explained we had been here a few times!

We got a big table and all sat down. It was a good evening with drinking and chatting.

Jon kept getting me to run into the sea and dancing up to our knees. In to hehe end we went inside and had a proper dance to the trance music but it’s really not our type of music!  Give me B*Witched any day! 

I was chatting with Hamish between dancing with Jon. He was fun to chat to and he is also here after heartbreak so understood what I was doing. His cousin Hughie is only 18 and he got so drunk. He ended up naked in the sea! Hamish told him the get out as he can’t swim!! I turned into Sensible Sarah again and took his pants to him as he splutted in the water, worring that I was going to have to save him!

After more dancing with Jon, we decided to head home about 4am. Lea and the others had already headed back earlier. We left to three H’s as they were going too he carry on. 

With the chatting we had done on the way to the beach, we hadn’t really been paying attention and so ended up lost in the pitch black. 

Just as we realised we were lost, we came across a man in a swing in a tree. It was so weird, I wondered if I was hallucinating but Jon also spoke to him! He gave us directions back to the hostel but said we were miles away! 

We finally got home gone 5am and fell straight into bed.

It was strange, walking back with Jon, I could have easily made a move and ended up having sex in the bushes. He was a good looking, funny to the point my tummy hurt and we had fun dancing. But I was just not interested. Not a single spark. I thought about what Sazzle would have done and I am definitely not there yet. Although, on some levels maybe that’s a good thing!


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