Hot and bothered

Feeling disappointed. 

What a day.

Lea and I woke about 9am, luckily not too hungover. It was quiet without the other two, but we decided we could stop exploring. 

We showered, it felt so good to get rid of the sand and salt from the previous day! 

We went to Eatopia for fried eggs on toast. I ordered a cup of black tea with milk and Lea a coffee. It was so good to have tea with milk. With it being a Tetley teabag it tasted just like home!

We ate slowly, we are bother chilled people so no rush. Lea asked if it was ok if she ordered another coffee. It was silly that she felt she had to ask, but I know after Erik asked Nellie’s time pressures she was used to being rushed along. I just said of course and ordered asked other tea as well.

We both admitted that we were a bit beached out. It was too late to go to Old Goa for temples, that is definitely an early morning trip.

I suggested a waterfall. No sand to deal with, and fresh cold water to swim in. Lea was up for it so we got googling and found Harvalem Waterfall. It was 38km away and said it would take an hour driving. It was east to us, so going inland.

We got our stuff together, downloaded the route from Google and made sure we had the licence!  We were both quite nervous abut our first trip as a duo. I am rubbish at directions and was scared I was going to get us lost!

The route was not easy. We went through villages and even onto a motorway! It was so hot and dusty, even the breeze was hot so there was just no let up. 

After an hour, we had to stop for a cold water. From the map we were only half way!

We powered on, thinking about the fresh water and how refreshing it will be.

We finally arrived, pleased as punch that we had made it but exhausted. The waterfall looked lovely, small but flowing.

We had to walk down about 50 steps and when we got to the bottom where there was a pool of water. The water was a dark green colour and really didn’t look inviting or clean. Two women came out in saris and we asked if we could swim. They looked horified and said this was a holy place. They went down to the waters edge and put a plate of flowers and a mini banana into the water.

What?! All this way and we couldn’t swim?! I actually felt like crying. It was so hot.

We walked along the water for a bit, ending up on a very rusty wire bridge that went over the water. Underneath was a cow bathing in the water. Of course, the sacred cow was allowed to swim in the holy water! We turned back when we came across a man who didn’t seem the want us to continue over the bridge.

The ladies disappeared and we sat on the steps in the shade for a bit. Eventually we got up and started to walk slowly back up the stairs. We passed a family who said hi, we thought we would try one last time and ask if they knew if we could swim. They said of course there are no rules! So we trooped back down the stairs. 

On closer inspection, the water wasn’t just dark green, it was dirty. Two boys were taking selfies and they asked if we were ok. They had obviously seen us wandering around. We asked if we could swim and one said yes, the other no! They had a quick conversation in another language and then said yes people swim here.

We weren’t convinced and didn’t want to get into trouble with the temple. Plus the water was too dirty. 

I could resist dipping my foot in though as it was just so hot. The water was warm and very bitty. I quickly took my foot out and off we went.

On the map we could see there were caves close by so we thought as we had travelled all this way, we should see something!

Back on the bike, feeling very hot and annoyed, we travelled back the way we had come and then down a road signposted caves and waterfall. We got excited, maybe there was another waterfall that we could swim in. 

Going along the road we passed a set of what looked like 4 stone sheds, with bars all around them. We carried onto the end and we could hear water.

I got off the bike all the hill was steep,  Lea carried on and then looped back up to me. We were at the same waterfall! We were just on the other side. 

And the stone sheds, they were the caves!

We had hoped the caves would be underground or at least somewhere you could go in and have a bit of cool shelter! 

We drove back and didn’t even stop for the caves, just snapping a picture as we passed.

We started the journey home. It was 2.30pm and it was ridiculously hot.

I said to Lea we should stop and get a cold drink. We carried on, lots of shops shut.

After 20 minutes I had to say we needed too stop. My mouth was so dry and I felt like I was going to pass out. We pulled over to an open shop and I downed a Pepsi, needing the sugar desperately. 

Lea got a juice and a strange pastry. She took one bite and it was disgusting.  She asked the men if they had a bin, they put it in a bag and gave it back to her. We asked them the way to Anjuna and we wished we hadn’t!  They both started grunting and swinging their arms in one direction. They then both pointed in the other direction and then waving their arms in a donward motion. We guessed they were saying the waterfall was that way.

We went to leave and they repeated the movements. It was very funny! We thanked them and rode off.

The journey felt so long and it was difficult as I didn’t have the reverse route downloaded so I just had to follow it backwards.

We eventually got back to the guesthouse at gone 5pm!

We were exhausted and overheated. I was worried about sunstroke as we had been out all day in the sun.

We sat in the guesthouse garden in the shade and just chilled. We were in no state to go to the beach or do anything!

We went for dinner early, as we had missed lunch. We just went to a place down the road, but when walking to our table there was a man who looked like a corpse sitting alone with his head back. He was totally grey and must have been off his face on drugs. We sat down, looked and each other and shook our heads. We got up and left for Eatopia!

We had a quiet meal, laughing about our disastrous day but still pleased we had got there and back!

After dinner we just relaxed in the garden. Catching up with texts and social media.

It felt so good to wash, even if I shared it with a millipede and a frog today!

An early night for us both, exhausted from our day.

Tomorrow we think we will go and and stay in Prison hostel. It’s still in Anjuna, but the same people as summer. Plus it is a well known party hostel! 

A very grumpy day, but not a stroppy Sazzle!


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