Feeling emotional.

Our last day together as the 4 of us.

Erik and Nellie were getting a taxi to the airport at 7.30pm so we had a full day together.

I woke at 8am, once awake here the sounds of the crickets, birds and farm animals are.so loud that I can’t get back off to sleep.

I got up and went to sit outside in the garden. The WiFi wasn’t working which was annoying, so I started writing my next post on Notes so I could copy and paste once on WiFi. 

Nellie was up next about 30 minutes later. She was keen to get ready and go, making the most of her last day.

The others were up by 9am. Nellie and Erik paid the guesthouse. I asked if we could stay in the twin room another night, which he said was fine. By keeping the room it meant they could leave their stuff in it all day and have a shower before going to the airport.

We left the guest house just gone 10am and had breakfast at Eatopia, which is our regular breakfast place just next door.

We popped onto the bikes and headed off to Morjim Beach. Within 100m if the guesthouse we were stope by the police again. Shit.

Lea has admitted that she doesn’t actually have a driving licence! As in, she can’t legally drive! She has had a few lessons but over 5 years ago! 

So when the police pulled us over we knew there would be trouble again and we really didn’t want to pay another bribe. Erik showed the policeman his papers which were fine. He then came over to our bike. Lea explained that she had left hers at the guesthouse. Nellie said it was only down the street and he said that we could go and get it, show him agondnd only pay a 100rp fine.

I whispered to Lea that we cold use mine. I hopped back on the bike and Nellie went to get on the other and said they would see us there. The policeman said no, they were to stay with him until we got back. Great! They were being held hostage!

We went back to the guesthouse, debating whether to try and get away with mine or to admit she didn’t have it. I ran in and got my licence, showed it to Lea who agreed it looked nothing like her, plus it will be even worse with me there! 

We rode back, still not sure what to do. We stopped the bike and jumped off and faced the other way. Lea gave my licence to the policeman who studied it. He started to write the details down on a form, and then asked Lea her name. Luckilt she remembered my full name. Then I panicked and thought he might ask for her date of birth. I turned and mouthed mine to her. He didn’t but he asked where she was from. Out of habit she replied Ireland and then straight away said England! Whoops!  Luckily she smoothed it over with I’m from Ireland but I live in England. Phew!

He took the 100rp and asked Lea to sign the receipt. Luckily he didn’t compare the signature to the one on my licence. 

He said we were free to go and that our friends were just up the road. 

We set off, delighted it had worked but Lea was very shaky from stress. We went down the road but no sin of the others. Where had they gone? We went quite far down but didn’t think they would have gone that far away. We turned around and tried down a side street, thinking they might have pulled over under some shade. No sign.

We didn’t want to have to go back past the police but it looked like we had no option. Neither of us have Internet without WiFi so no messages or maps. 

We started to head back, and finally saw them coming our way. Phew! They had gone back to the guesthouse a different way and were angry that we hadn’t waited there for them! We explained that we thought they were being held hostage and Erik said they weren’t allowed to do that. They were really grumpy and we could not believe it! We were the ones that had been through trauma and they were acting like we had done something wrong! We still don’t know how they got away from the policeman!

We had been delayed for 30 minutes  now so they were not happy. They zoomed off and we followed, both incensed by their reactions!

We arrived at Morjim Beach after about 30 minutes. We parked up and had to walk through some trees and along a path to the beach. It was a very long stretch and There were sunbeds and people to one side. 

We got a sunbed and went straight into the sea. Warm but not too wavy. Nelie and nd I got out after about half an hour, our fingers wrinkly. 

We lay in the sun, with the other 2 still in the water. After an hour of sunbathing, they were still swimming so we decided to order lunch there rather than wait until the next beach. I ordered a chicken stuffed nann and it was really good.

They eventually came out after 2 hours! They were unaware of how long they had been swimming but were also hungry. They ordered their food as ours arrived. 

Nellie was keen to move onto the next beach, but the food service was slow.

I was enjoying watching the groups of Indian men playing in the sand together. Grown adult men in their 40s and 50s, rolling around on the floor and throwing sand at each other. It was like children and they looked so happy!  Two of the men then moved up to the dry sand and lay in it. Where they were wet, it stuck to them and they were covered head to toe. They then ran to the sea to splash around and wash it off.

As soon as Lea’s food arrived, Erik asked for the bill. This is not the done thing in India, the bill is for once you have finished and the man seemed a bit put out. I could also see Lea rushing her food which was sad.

Beach hopping is great, but if I am being honest, they ate starting to merge into one and I don’t know why we had to move. We could have just stayed on that beach, sunbathing and another swim. Instead, we got back onto the bikes and travelled 20 minutes to the next beach along.

This again had sunbeds and was a long stretch of beach. Not much different to the last one, except where there had been locals on the other beach, this was definitely a Russian beach.

We went into the sea, running down as the sand was hot on our feet. This beach seeme do have lots of things underfoot in the water, which made me keep panicking.

Back at the sunbed, I realised I had put my sun cream on when I had my shorts on. Where I had sunbathe without them on I had a patch of burn at the top of my thigh. It just shows how strong the sun is, an hour in the sun and burnt to a crisp.  I stayed in the shade so as not to make it worse.

Nellie wanted to go back at 4.30pm which I understood as she wanted to shower and eat before going to the airport. Erik persuaded her to have one final swim all together.

We left the beach dripping wet at 5pm and got back to the guesthouse at nearly 6pm.

Nellie got straight into the shower, followed by Erik. Nellie went to spend the last of her money on gifts at the shops by the guesthouse.  With India having a closed currency, you are not allowed to bring rupees in or out of the country. 

Once Erik was out the shower after 30 minutes (he takes such long showers), Lea and I had no time to shower. The 3 of us went to Eatopia to meet Nellie.

We had agreed to have a drink of Feni together, and Nellie and Erik ordered food. I wasn’t hungry and nor was Lea. Being still.in a wet bikini and all salty was uncomfortable. 

We had a double feni with Limca (like sprite) but it was disgusting as a mixer drink. As it was coconut I suggest we try coke instead, thinking more like malibu and coke! So we ordered another round at 7.15pm as they finished their food. Nope, it doesn’t taste good with coke either. 

The taxi arrived and they got their bags together. 

It was sad to see them go, we have had such a fun time the 4 of us.  We had arrived group hug and then individual hugs and and agreed to meet up in Brazil in a couple of years. 

They jumped into the taxi and we waved them off. 

I turned to Lea and said I felt a bit drunk. Having not eaten since lunch, where I only had a nann, and then 2 double fenis, it had gone right to her head. Luckily, she felt the same and rather than go and have a shower, we went to Zorba bar which is right next door.

We had rum.rum.and cokes and got very drunk. Lea asked about him and and I ended up telling her the whole story and crying. She was so lovely. She got tissues and did gave me a hug. She told me he didn’t deserve me and being away was the best thing to do. She told me to stop texting him, let him contact me. All of this in have Ben told many times by my friends and family, and deep down I know this is true. I guess I just need to start believing it. She said I was beautiful and deserve to be happy,  and that she couldn’t believe how together I have been when all this is going on. It was nice to hear, even though I don’t feel like I have been very together or the best company.

We moved onto happier topics of conversation, really drunk.

We left Zorba when they closed at 1am and we bth needed food. We ordered 2 pizzas a s oh goodness where they good! We both ate every bit!

We got back to the guesthouse abut 2am and I slept in my bikini and shorts!

An emotional day, but feeling so much love from new friends I have made. Maybe this is the answer to finding Sazzle.


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