Comfortable silences

Feeling spacey. 

I woke at 10am to a knock at the door, it was the owner asking if we were checking out, which we weren’t. My head was pounding and I felt dizzy. I went back to sleep, but felt worse when I woke up. A migraine was starting and I didn’t have the energy to find my tablets. It felt like the room was rocking and my head had a knife in it.

The others got up around 11am and headed out to the beach. I couldn’t go, I couldn’t even sit up. After an hour of more sleep, I found my tablets and took one. They make me very drowsy and so I fell back to sleep and I woke up at 3pm. My head was more stable and I could see properly again. I ventured outside and sat quietly in the garden, waking up gently. 

I popped to the shop to get a bottle of water and coke and was still sat in the garden when the others returned about 4pm. 

They were concerned for me but I felt much better. They had explored another beach and had lunch. 

They rested with chocolate and drinks and then decided to go to another beach, Baga. I felt well enough to join them and so off we went on the scooters.

Anurag had text me, asking what our plan was. I didn’t respond and left my phone behind. Bad I know.

We travelled about 30 minutes and arrived in Baga. It was definitely the busiest place we had been to. There were people everywhere. So many locals enjoying the beach, playing cricket, sitting in the water, swimming and at the bars along the beach.

We walked along the shoreline for about an hour, there were so many things to look at and so much going on. 

We came across a group of boys who had found a puffer fish. It was huge and very ugly! It made me feel a bit weird that fact it had come out of the water. 
There were lifeguards all along the beach, we saw two sets sitting on one chair. It looked very strange, and they did not look ready to jump in and save anyone!

Lea wanted a coffee so we stopped at a beach hut and sat down. We were asked for selfies from some of the Indian people which we obliged. 

We walked back, it was dark already and so I was worried about where my feet were going, there are glass bottles and other rubbish on the beach. 

Erik had been told about a restaurant on the beach which was really good. We found Barritos and got a table. It was very busy and full of young Indian groups. It seemed this was the hip place to go. 

I had butter chicken and it was delicious. Really tasty.

We headed back, the roads even scarier in the dark!

Once back, Erik was up for going to as it was our last night together. We all sat around and Nellie got in the shower. We were all very tired and slow to get ready.

Anurag text Erik to ask what we were doing. He responded to say we were just having a quiet night and that we weren’t going to meet up. I’m not sure what else Erik said, but Anurag then text me to say sorry if he had made me feel sad or bad and that he wasn’t stalking me! I responded to say it was fine, we were just freaked after the dogs and being shouted at. He wanted to meet but I said no, he then asked just for 30 minutes! I said it was fun to meet him but that I think we should leave it (I didn’t want any more kissing attempts). He then replied to say he found me curious and wanted to know me better and asked to meet for 5 minutes! I didn’t reply. 

We were finally all ready at midnight, once we had woken Nellie we set off towards the beach. None of us were in the mood, I think we could have quite happily just gone to bed! 

We stopped at a bar halfway between our guesthouse and the beach. We sat on the small table on the floor with cushions and ordered cocktails and pancakes. It was delicious to eat Nutella again! I had a feni margarita and it was surprisingly good! Lea fell asleep and the rest of us were just relaxing in a comfortable silence, just the odd line of conversation. 

It’s weird to be this relaxed with people I have only known for less than a week. To sit in a comfortable silence with friends is a lovely feeling, that you can be that relaxed around each other you don’t feel you need to fill the gaps. 

We all agreed we should go home. After just one cocktail there was no way we could face Lilliput again, plus I didn’t want to bump into Anurag! 

We had a non-eventful walk home thank goodness and got home about 2am and went to bed. 

Nellie and Erik leave Sunday evening and it’s going to be horrible to say goodbye to them. They have made me laugh and smile, with our crazy nights and adventurous days. I’m not Sazzle yet but they have been the closest to bringing her out so far.

Lea and I plan to stay in the guesthouse another night and then I think I’m off to Panjim. I realised I have been in India for over a week and I have done mainly beaching! Time for a bit of culture and some temples. 

Maybe a bit more of Sazzle will be found inland. 


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