Beach, Beer & Bribery

Feeling fun.

Once Lea arrived yesterday afternoon, we hired a second scooter and headed to Arambol beach.

It took just over an hour and what an hour that was. I knew the roads in India were crazy, but being on the back of a moped really proved that point. Lea was driving and I don’t know how she did it. There were buses overtaking on blind corners, scooters coming from all directions and cars in the middle of the road. There are no road markings or any signs to give right of way. At a junction it’s just whoever is brave enough to go first!

We were pulled over by the police! Very scary! He wanted to see Lea’s driving license but she didn’t have it with her. He said it was a 2000rp fine but we managed to get him down to 500rp. It’s just total bribery!

We arrived at the beach, it was beautiful. A long stretch of sand and calmer waters than Anjuna.
Nellie and I went straight into the water. It was warm of course but nice to wash off the dust from the roads. We bobbed about and just enjoyed not being bashed around by waves. 

We ordered food and dried off in the sun.

Erik got chatting to the people next to us, 2 Indian men from Delhi. Chatting about football, I went back into the sea to escape hearing about Man United.

As we left, they invited us out in Arambol for the evening. Erik was keen, but I didn’t think being anywhere that required getting transport home was a good idea. There is no way we would have managed on Wednesday night. 

We got back to the guesthouse and picked up some beers from the shop. We sat in the garden, drinking and listening to music, taking turns in the bathroom. We were finally ready to go out at 10pm, although we hadn’t eaten yet.

Erik and Nellie were keen to get some weed and started talking to some of the sellers, but were put off by the prices. 

We stopped to have some dinner, I just had chicken noodles, but I felt quite sleepy and relaxed after. The other 3 shared the end of a joint from a local man. 

We made it to the beach and went to the same bar as last time, Lilliput. We walked past first to check the crazy Russian people weren’t there before we settled at a table. 

We ordered a beer each plus a shot of Feni. This time I tried the coconut rather than the cashew. It was so much better! There was less burning and more of a coconut flavour rather than just pure alcohol. 

Erik had been told that he could pick up some weed further down the beach. I tried to talk them out of it, they didn’t need it and they didn’t have any papers or tobacco, but they didn’t listen. Lea was asleep in the chair so the 2 of us stayed.

They were gone for ages! At least an hour. Lea didn’t wake up the whole time. She told us weed makes her sleepy, so I don’t understand why she did it on a night out. 

I was sat just drinking my beer when an Indian guy walked past towards the sea and smiled at me. On his way back up, he smiled again and came over to me. He laughed at Lea and said could he buy me a drink and keep me company whilst my friend was sleeping. I said yes, and he ordered 2 beers.

He was very chatty, Anurag, turns out he works in events too and was in Goa with a colleague for work but they had extended their stay for the weekend. 

We were happily chatting away when Erik and Nellie returned. They had been successful but they don’t know how to roll, so had just eaten some instead!! Yuk! 

Anurag said he can roll so he made them a joint and they all trooped off towards the sea to smoke. Lea was still fast asleep!

Anurag bought more drinks and his colleague joined us. Nellie was pretty stoned and couldn’t move her arms. Erik had the giggles.

Lea woke up momentarily, long enough to eat 2 bits of spring roll and then nodded off again.

They rolled another joint and this time woke Lea up for her to join them. I just don’t get it! All around there were people just sleeping, in chairs and some even on the floor. To me a good night out is being awake, dancing and chatting. Not passed out in a chair. 

Anurag was telling us about a Greek place where we should go for lunch together and then a beach where the sunsets are magical. It sounded good so we agreed to meet him tomorrow. Erik and I gave him our numbers so we could sort out details in the morning. 

Nellie and I went to the toilet, she offered me some weed to eat which I tried a tiny bit. It was like oregano and all the bits got stuck in my teeth. I really don’t think eating it will give an effect.

On the way back to the table, we had a bit of a dance. It was techno music and Faithless came on to which we jumped around for a bit. A strange Swedish man with no top on came over and said he was on acid. Great!

We had more beers, Lea stayed asleep. Anurag asked if I wanted to go for a walk down the beach, I declined (as nice as he was I didn’t want a romantic stroll with an unknown person). 

The waiters started to pack up the empty chairs at about 4am.

Erik asked me about Anurag to which I shook my head. My head is in no place to have a one night stand, plus he was nice to chat to but not my type at all. As Erik and I were talking, Anurag took my hand and held it, playing with my fingers. Oh no! This was awkward. I pulled a face at Erik, as in “help me” and he said shall we go to the sea. I nodded and we ran together into the waves, laughing. We went up to just above knee height and danced around a bit. 

The others came down to the shoreline as the waiters had asked them to leave. 

Anurag invited us all back to his but we said it was time to go home, and asked which way Anurag was going. They had come on scooters which were parked at the front of the bar. We were going in the opposite direction. 

This is where it got even more awkward. Anurag tried to kiss me, I turned my head so he got my cheek. He then asked when I was going to see him, so I said we’d message about lunch tomorrow. He shook his head and said oh come on! He actually thought I was going to go home with him. I said that all 4 of us were to go home together, which was a pact we had made before coming out.

We all said goodbye, not without Anurag trying to kiss me again. As I walked away, he waved my flip flops at me. Oh great! So I had to go back and get them, where he said I was Cinderella (Yuk). 

We got to the end of the beach and the others were laughing about my new “boyfriend” although they were all happy as he had bought us all drinks and rolled them joints. 

The walk home was terrifying. There are a few alleyways, which in the day have the stalls open. But in the night it is very dark. We passed some dogs and they started to bark and growl at us. This was unusual, there are wild dogs everywhere in Goa, but normally they just sit or follow you for a little bit. We carried on walking and it seemed there were angry dogs everywhere!! They were barking, growling and even howling at us. We made it out of the alleys, all of us holding hands. 

We were glad of the road, but it got worse! About 20 dogs appeared from all angles and surrounded us. I don’t know what was wrong with them, or us. We wondered if they could smell the weed in Nellie’s bag, or if it was because it was 5.30am and so later than we have previously walked home. Whatever it was, it was scary. 

We finally arrived home and from across the road we heard someone shouting my name. Uh oh! It was Anurag! Erik had mentioned in passing where we were staying and he was waiting over the road. I went inside and Erik told him to leave. We went straight to bed, falling asleep as soon as our heads hit the pillow. 

A fun night but not full Sazzle


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