Party time

Feeling hungover.

Well, we were told North Goa was the party place and it totally lives up to the rep.

We started the evening after dinner, picking up x2 cans of Tuborg beer each to have whilst we were getting ready.

We put some music on and enjoyed the beers whilst we all took our turn in the shower.

Nellie doesn’t drink a lot as she is in to fitness and running marathons, but she drank her beers the quickest. She was very proud to have beaten the Brit and the Brazilian! 

We ventured out at about 11pm, walking to the beach. We picked up another beer each, Kingfisher, to have on the way. As we couldn’t drink and walk on the bumpy road we kept stopping, saying Shcol! which is cheers in Dannish and taking gulps.

We got onto to the beach and aimed for the bar with the most lights, which was quite far down the beach.

We got a table and ordered 3 more beers. All of us feeling merry and relaxed.

There was a table of Russians who started to talk to Nellie as she walked past. They offered her the rest of their joint, which she took and shared with Erik.

We then met a guy called Clinton. He was on his own and travelling round Goa so we invited him to join our table. He had started in the north and so we told him just how beautiful the beaches are in the south.

A Spanish couple that wereally in the same hostel as Clinton joined us too, although having only just arrived and unaware of the party vibe, they ordered food.

It then all becomes a little hazy…

Nellie and I ended up sitting with the Russians and they gave me a huge shot of thick black alcohol. I drank it and almost threw up. It was awful.

They had sky lanterns and they gave one to us to let off. We had a bit of trouble but then it floated away. However, it floated over the sea and then came down and drowned.

The Russian man then turned to Nellie and said ‘do not be afraid’ (which of course is a very scary thing to hear!) and he gave us a small pipe and kept lighting it.

Nellie and I were then dancing on the sand, the music had so much bass and the beat just seemed to be inside us. We then stood and gazed at the sea, the lights from the bar making it all different colours and it was mesmerising.

We went through to the toilets and the dance floor was just filled with people in their own worlds and totally unaware of anyone else.

As we made our way back outside Nellie had a funny moment at the top of the stairs, where she get she couldn’t control her body. Once we had got back onto the beach, the waiter came up to Nellie and said our friend was not doing to well.

Erik was lying on the sand, about a metre away from the sea, vomiting.

We went to speak to him, Nellie ordering him to stand up but he was way past that.

I knelt on the floor and explained that he was going to get washed away and we needed him to crawl further up the beach. After a few minutes of pursuation we got him out of the reach of the sea. He fell asleep.

The sea was still coming in though and so after 20 minutes or so, I needed to wake him and move him again.

This time we got him onto a sun bed at the top of the beach and so he could stay there until he was able to get up.

I stayed with him, stroking his head and making sure he didn’t vomit on himself as he slept. Nellie got some water for him and tried to get him up. There was no way he was going to be able to move for a while and so Nellie let him be.

After about 2 hours of sleeping, he woke and was able to sit up. He said he felt he could walk home and so we set off.

We walked at the very slow pace, stopping twice for him to be sick again and once for him to have wee. The 20 minute walk took over an hour to get back.

We crashed into bed, gone 4.30am and passed out. 

I woke to a knocking on the door. Nellie got up and opened it. We were in the wrong room and the people were coming to check in! We had to gather our stuff and move across the courtyard to our actual room. 

We must have looked a complete state. 

Luckily we had not unpacked for fear of lizards and ants so it was easy to move. The man took my bag from me and said I looked very tired!  

I fell back to sleep on my new bed and woke at 11am. I was so thirsty and my head was pounding. 

Nellie was outside, Erik was fast asleep. I went out and just said I need water. Nellie offered me a swig of her ice cold water. Bliss.

Just next door is a proper supermarket. I stumbled round in my pyjama shorts and strapped top, grabbed a bottle of water and queued. I thought I was going to be sick, luckily there was air con and it was nice and cool.

I came back, threw up and fell back to sleep until 1pm when Nellie had had enough and came to wake us.

We went next door for breakfast, scrambled egg on toast, but we could barely eat it.

Erik went back as he couldn’t face the heat and sunshine, but Nellie and I powered on and made it to the beach. We went in the sea but it was so rough we were out within a few minutes. I huddled under the umbrella with a bottle of water and lay there all day.

Lea (Irish) who we met at Summer hostel was joining us, she has been doing a work away at the next beach along. Lea didn’t know that Erik was still in Goa and so when he joined us after a few hours she was shocked.

Feeling slightly more human, we had a fresh coconut each and then had some dinner at the same place. I had my ultimate comfort food – pizza! 

Lea went back to where she was staying and said she’d be back after a shower so we could go for a drink.

We got back to our room and we all just sat on the beds with no energy. We all just wanted to sleep but felt bad that Lea was coming back.

After abut an hour of lazing around, we finally got round to having showers and getting ready. It had been 2 hours since Lea left us and we thought she would be with us at any moment.

We sat outside, listening to music, no one had the energy to talk. Lea arrived gone 11pm in the end! I just wanted to go to bed.

We said we would go to a bar near to her to the guesthouse, but we ended up walking to the beach and then back at the same bar! Luckily the Russians weren’t there. In fact, it was dead. There were only a couple of other tables taken and lots of the other bars along the beach weren’t even open. It looks like Thursdays in Goa are for recovering from the Wednesday night!

A very crazy evening, but still no Sazzle.


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