Lazy Beach Days

Feeling relaxed.

Nellie, Erik and I spent the day on the beach. It was so warm. 

We swapped between sun bathing and swimming, staying in the sea until our fingers went wrinkly. 

Nellie has travelled so many places in Asia and it’s great to see how excited she gets when talking about them. Unable to pick her favourite, she said Vietnam and Indonesia were amazing and she’s been to Thailand 8 times! 

Erik works in Delhi and has another 7 months in India before he returns to Brazil. 

We headed back to the hostel around 4pm as Erick had to pack his stuff and get to the airport. Nellie was very sad that he was leaving and we waited downstairs for him. 

He didn’t reappear until gone 4.30pm and we were then concerned that he hadn’t left himself enough time as his flight was at 7pm. 

As we sat waiting for his taxi, he then gleefully announced that he wasn’t leaving. He had changed his flight the evening before and he wasn’t leaving until Sunday! He was going to join us in Anjuna.

We then decided we should book our hostel for Anjuna as we were going the next day. We found Anjunapalms Guesthouse which had a 3 bed dorm for £2.50 per night! It looked basic but it was cheap so we went for it and booked it for 2 nights. 

In the evening we headed down to the beach and sat in a swing for dinner. Erik and I shared a few beers and it was so nice just chilling and laughing together. 

We are excited about going north tomorrow and exploring new places. North Goa is meant to be a lot more of a party vibe so it should be fun. 

I’m so glad that Nellie and Erik are going to be with me too. It’s weird how close you get to people so quickly, and then how quickly people leave too. Like spending the day and evenings with Megan, after knowing each other just because of her sign, we were so relaxed and at ease with each other from that first meal. And then when it was time for her to go, I felt sad that I was loosing a friend. 

This is the same with Nellie and Erik, it’s just so quick how bonds form with total strangers.

I just hope the bond with Sazzle has not been broken. 


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