Going up North

Feeling exhausted.

Wow! Indian buses are so hot! 

We woke early and had breakfast at 8.30am and agreed to take the bus to Anjuna, which would be about 100rp each rather than 500rp each in a taxi.

I had to try and pack all my stuff back into my bag. I managed it, just! Although I have had my first casualty and I have binned the straw sun hat. I hadn’t worn it, preferring the cap, and it’s just so big and annoying. 

Nellie and Erik only have small backpacks as they are only in Goa for 2 weeks.

We left Summer and walked to the bus station. The guy at the hostel had said it was a 10 minute walk…it wasn’t! 30 minutes later, sweating and aching we finally arrived and hopped straight onto the bus. 

It was quite busy but we all managed to get a seat, although not together.

The windows were open on both sides so there was a slight breeze. The boy who was sat next to the window moved seats and so I scooted over to the window to get more breeze. Big mistake – the sun was now shining onto my head and arm. It was so hot!

The first bus was about an hour, and we arrived in Margoe station. It was so hot away from the costal breeze. 

We got onto the next bus, which was a shuttle so less stopping and picking people up and letting them off. But it was busy and so Erik and I had to stand. It was very difficult to stay upright going around the bends and with the sharp breaking. 

As I stood there, with my heavy bag plonked on the floor, my mind drifted and the tears came. I’m so glad to have made friends and that I wasn’t on this horrible bus alone, but it just isn’t the same as having him here. His reassuring hand on my back, his kisses on my head, his stupid little “hello”s when I catch him looking at me. Argh why is this so horrible?

The final bus was a 5 minute wait so we walked around a market for a bit. Oh goodness it was sweltering! I was melting, sweating with my huge backpack in the midday sun. Nellie and I got a fresh mango and slurped them down, juice all over us! (Don’t worry A, we used anti-bac on our hands)

We headed back to the bus stop and climbed aboard. It was a quieter bus and we got 3 seats on the back row together. 

Rather than going to the end station, we had to tell the driver when to stop. Nellie had google maps to work out the best stop and we managed to hop off only 500m from the guesthouse. 

We walked into the gate, and a boy showed us to the room. It was 4 beds in a row, with a small bathroom. The windows didn’t fit the frames, there were 3 lizards in the corner, and a trail of ants going from the window. Not great!

We plonked our stuff in the room and went next door for lunch. 

Our plan was to walk to the flea market, but we started and it was just too hot and too far. There was no shade on the road and it was just crazily hot. After walking for about 30 minutes, we asked some passing people the distance and they pointed to some tents in the far distance. It was going to take hours and it was just too far.

We turned around and went to the beach instead. The guesthouse is about 20 minutes walk from the beach, through a market.

The beach is no where near the paradise of the south. The waves are bigger and there are rocks and sand dips all along. The current is a lot stronger too, swirling and pulling.

Along the beach are many bars and shops. Quite a few are built on stilts as the sea comes in high.

We walked along looking for a nice place to sit, away from the people who were obviously on drugs.

We went straight into the sea, and I’m surprised we didn’t hiss with the heat from our bodies! We didn’t stay in as long as usual as it was just too tiring to stay afloat.

We chilled on the sunbeds and watched a beautiful sunset.

We had dinner in a restaurant overlooking the water which was stunning. We agreed we would go back, shower and then go back out for some drinks.  This is the party side of Goa after all! 

And maybe the way to find Sazzle is to tempt her out with crazy dancing!


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