Making friends

Feeling hot.

I have just returned from dinner and I am very hot and sticky. 

After my little melt down at the beach, I returned to the dorm, had a shower and lay on my bed. Chatting to a few people from home over texts and then I drifted off to sleep.

Nelly (Dannish) returned to the dorm about 6pm with her friend Leah (Irish) who is staying in a hostel close by.

They invited me to join them for dinner and so we left together around 6.30pm meeting Eric (Brazilian) and Prit (Indian) downstairs. We walked down to the beach, a quicker way going back towards Marron Sea and we came out in the middle of the beach. We were there just in time to ser the sunset.

They all wanted to have a massage but after last time I thought I’d give it a miss.

I sat with my new favourite drink of lemon soda and caught up on news and just looked through my phone. About an hot later they returned and we ordered food.

My stomach has been a bit delicate today and so I had a chicken sandwich and chips!

We had fun talking about different languages and cultures, all being from different places.

Leah left first as she had to ride a scooter back to her hostel in the dark! We then settled the bill and Erix suggested they head down the beach for a little walk. I think he just meant him and Nelly as they are obvioudly it on each other, but Prit said he would go along too. I went too as I didn’t want to walk on my own. Once we got to the main entrance to the beach, I said I was going back and luckily Prit said he would walk me back. This then gave me the safety of someone to walk with, but also gave Nelly and Eric time alone before he leaves tomorrow.

Eric and Prit are heading to the airport tomorrow and Leah is moving up to north Goa tomorrow. Nelly is leaving Summer on Wednesday so we have agreed to catch the bus together.

I am back in the dorm now and I have just come on. I think this could go a little way to explain the overwhelmingly sad feelings I have been having. Annoyingly I never usually have periods, but since the break up this is now my second. They are brought on by stress, which I hope means this will be the last one again for a long time.

Still no response from him. Hoping tomorrow I will feel less sad and there will be no tears. Come on Sazzle you can do this!


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