Step into the unknown

Feeling adventurous. 

Today I left the safety and comfort of Marron Sea and headed off down a dusty track into the unknown!

I slept well, waking only briefly at 3am when my phone went and then again at 7am. I thought about getting up bright and early, maybe even an early morning swim, but I thought too long and before I knew it my alarm was going off at 10am waking me up again!

I threw on my shorts and tshirt and headed down for breakfast.  I had the pancakes again as they were so tasty and a watermelon juice. 

Luckily, the food and water have not affected my stomach and so far all OK and healthy. This could change now I won’t be eating at the Marron restaurant, but I hope not.

After breakfast I went up to pack my stuff. Check out is at 12pm so not too early. I realised the packing could be a struggle, as there was no way I was going to wear the same clothes that I wore to arrive in. This meant I needed to find a home for my 2nd pair of trainers (1 pair for the elephants which will be thrown away), plus the fleece and cardie I wore, as well as the flight bag that I put it all in for the plane. Oh and my new purchases!

It took a few attempts, and swapping stuff around but I did it! 

I packed it all on top of me, the difficulty being that I could put on my small day pack when I had the huge one on. In the end I just had to carry that in front of me.

Downstairs, I gave my keys over and he presented my bill. 1900rp for all the food and drink I had had over the past 4 days. £23 so not bad at all. I left my bags with him behind the desk and made my way to the beach.

All the sun beds were taken as I was later that usual, plus with it being Easter weekend it was a lot busier with idian holiday makers as well as international.

I sat on a chair instead and read a bit. It was very warm and I realised I was out in the midday sun, my usual shade bathe time. I went in for a dip to cool down, although with the sea being the temperatureof a hot tub, it doesn’t work all that well.

I ventured towards the rocks at the end of the bay, I thought I might climb up and have a look over the other side. My foot hit the sand so I stood up and approached the rocks on foot. However, as I got closer I could see those pesky crabs again. They are jet black and shiny, quite evil looking! I too another step forward and realised I wasn’t on the sand, I was on a rock! I jumped off and swam in the other direction!

Once I got out, I went back over to eh roc art that I had started to look at yesterday. I realised that the ‘Silent Noise’ sign was for a silent disco that they have in high season, and the huge cow image has headphones on.

I headed into the shade and read more of my book. Broken Lies – I’m not really getting into it, but I’ll finish it as I’m over half way. 

I left Marron at 3pm, hoping the heat of the day was starting to ease.  The hostel was only a 12 minute walk away on Google maps.

So, off I went! It felt a little scary, stepping out of the place that had become so comfortable for me.  The track was dusty and away from the sea breeve the heat was stifling.  I had to carry my day bag in the same awkward way, almost like a baby in front of me. I passed lots of tuktuks, dogs and a few cows. There was a traffic jam with a lorry that I managed to weave through.

According to Google maps, which I had studied before setting off,  I had to turn left at some point. I came to a cross roads, which had about 6 different ways off it. At least 2 that would count as a left turn. There was a little shop opposite so I popped my head in and asked him. He pointed out and so I thought he meant up the road opposite, but he laughed and shock his head. He walked out and pointed to the building next door! I was here. The route takes you round to the front entrance, but I could just go in here. Phew!

I walked in and and told him my name, gave my passport and paid. I am on the first floor, in a dorm called ‘Butterfly’ which made me smile as I am a butterfly and B is a bee (queen bee in fact)!

I went up to the dorm, there are 6 beds but only 1 other is occupied. There are clothes on the bed, and a towel in the bathroom. The room is very simple, just x3 sets of bunk beds and a small bathroom with a shower, toilet and sink. I have been allocated bed 3 which is the middle.bottom bunk. The other 2 are next to windows but I’m OK with no window. The room was quite cool, with a fan on the ceiling and tiled floors.

I sorted out my stuff, putting everything in the drawer under the bed. I decided to take a quick shower as I was very hot and still sandy from the beach. Plus my feet were quite filthy from the walk.

I dressed in a midi skirt and vest, deciding I wasn’t going to get back into a bikini today.

I then realised I hadn’t eaten anything since breakfast so I had my lemon drizzle flapjack from Graze that I had packed. Just a little home comfort treat! The sooner I eat the rest of them, the lighter my bag will be! (That sounds like I have packed the whole of the biscuit aisle, I haven’t!  Just a packet if rich tea, oreos and a couple of Graze snacks.)

I headed downstairs to see if I could find any WiFi to let mum know I had got here safely.

There is a notice board with train details and other flyers from local restaurants and massage huts. On it was a handwritten note, saying they had hired a car to go to the waterfall tomorrow if anyone wanted to join.

I found the common room, a lovely cold room with benches and tables, as well as a counter displaying granola bars and a cofree machine with a man stoof behind it. There was a girl sat at her laptop, who smiled at me as I entered. I sat at a table and opened the WiFi,  it needed a password so I asked the gut who obliged. 

Logged in, I let mum, A and B know I had arrived. He had also text me to say he had arrived in Myanmar after a bumpy flight. He really is sticking to our plan.

I text the number from the board, and Megan text back to say she was planning to go to the waterfall, spice plantation and beach tomorrow. Perfect! A day of exploring. We are meeting at the Avocado Garden for dinner to discuss it. Look at me, being all social! Time to stop wallowing and actually start to tempt Sazzle out!


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