Let’s do this

Feeling determined.

Wobble over. 

What I am doing is scary, and how I will feel whilst doing it is unknown. But I have the most amazing opportunity, a once in a lifetime adventure and I can’t be afraid to grab it with both hands and just go for it. It may not be the adventure I had planned and imagined for the past year, but it’s my adventure now. Just for me.

I’ve sent all the documents required for the CRB check so hopefully that will all go though.

India visa is in progress. 

I have booked my flight from Goa to Sri Lanka, and sorted my Sri Lankan visa. In order to enter Sri Lanka you must have onward travel, so I need to decide where I’m heading after from beginning of June. 

My best friend, B, has booked 10th-27th July as annual leave and will be coming out to see me! B asked where I would be, but I have no idea! I think Indonesia would be a good option, we can explore the beautiful islands together and chill out on the beaches. B has said she won’t be staying in a hostel, but we shall see!! Not sure if my budget will stretch to a hotel! 

So all in all I seem to be getting there! 

No matter how scared or nervous I am, I just need to go for it. This is my time now and I will find sazzle


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