Elephant Experience Booked (I hope)

Feeling so excited!

I have just submitted my application to Plan My Gap Year to volunteer in Sri Lanka for 4 weeks with elephants!

The work includes hand feeding them, washing and walking them daily. There is obviously also the task of mucking out but it’s all part of it! They are older elephants that have been rescued, Sri Lankan elephants which are the largest Asian elephant and have the depigmentation patches on their ears, belly and face. There is also a day trip to an elephant orphanage to see the little babies which will be just adorable, but also emotional.

I love elephants, always have. Going on safari has been a lifetime dream of mine, and with this trip I get to be in contact with these magnificent animals, caring and helping them. Being there for 4 weeks, I will get to know them and their own personalities. it will be amazing!

It will be rainy season in Sri Lanka in May, but it should just be short, sharp bursts rather than the non-stop drizzle we get in the UK. It will be wet and humid, but that’s all part of the experience!

This is a once in a lifetime experience, so although expensive at £994 for 4 weeks, I think it is totally worth it. This includes 4 weeks accommodation in the volunteer house, 3 meals each day, meet & greet at the airport and transport to the project.

It doesn’t include flights, insurance, return airport transfer, visa or CRB check which will be about £200 on top.

Plan My Gap Year seems like a fantastic company so far, and a huge shout out to Philip Russell who has been amazing answering all my questions and dealing with all my changes from dates, locations and projects.

Now that my application has been submitted, I will hopefully be accepted within 48 hours. If I don’t get accepted, even less of the non-plan plan will have been planned! Another step in the right direction to find Sazzle.





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