The Non-plan Plan

I am a planner. I have worked in elections, weddings, events & reservations – organising and planning day in, day out. I create a plan for everything. Until now.

I have up to 12 months off work, and all I know for certain is that I am flying from Heathrow to Goa on the 11th April 2017. That’s it.

Over the next couple of days, I will be looking to book my first week’s accommodation in Goa and I am currently in the process of booking the elephant encounter in Sri Lanka to start on the 6th May for 4 weeks. That is as far as I will be planning in advance. I have no idea where I will go after Sri Lanka, a question people keep asking me. There is no set route or timings, just what I feel like at the time – The Non-plan Plan!

My parents have been amazing, supporting my decision and understanding that this is something I need to do for myself. Although they are worried about the safety aspect of their daughter going off alone, they are excited for me. They have even joined Facebook to follow my travels – something they have always refused to do! The Non-plan Plan does not sit easy with them, they want to know where I am going to be at all times, but as long as I keep in touch and update with new locations and flights, I hope they will be ok.

I know I want to experience as many countries and cultures that I can, and with 12 months to do it, I think there is scope to tick a lot off the list. However, if I fall in love with a place, I don’t want to feel like I have to leave after 2 weeks. Just the same as if I arrive in a place and hate it – I will just move on.

Inspiration will come to me at random points, like going to Goa did on Saturday, and I will just go with it. Maybe it will be when I am lying on the beach in Goa or when I am feeding an orphaned baby elephant. I have no ties, no responsibilities and no one to worry about, I just need to focus on finding Sazzle.



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